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  1. From the album: Jules70's Album

    Just comparing the 2 pics
  2. From the album: Jules70's Album

    Just another shot................
  3. From the album: Jules70's Album

    Well...........this is how it's looking 38 days after I finished my course of Accutane. I have a follow up appointment with my Derm next month. I'm thinking I'll be taking another course. LOL Just so you all know, I'm still very happy with the results I've obtained so far.
  4. BUMP..............................
  5. If your considering smoking pot for pain management you need to go see your derm. If advil/tylenol/aleve or whatever aren't doing the job there's an issue or you just need to suck it up. Pot is not a pain reliever by the way. It can help relieve the discomfort of glucoma and works as an antiemetic (relieves vomiting). Joint/muscle pain is a side effect of the tane. Maybe you should go easy on the basketball while on tane.
  6. Hello All. I'm looking for some help. I'm trying to find a salon in Connecticut that does eyebrow threading. I've seached the internet and found 2 in the state. I also found one in Rhode Island that only does threading. They specialize in it but are a little over an hour away. I haven't had my eyebrows done in about 7 months and can't stand it any longer. (6 months of accutane / 1 month post tane) So the question is; is anyone familiar with a salon in Connecticut?? Thanks for any help
  7. I had my 30 day post tane blood work done a couple weeks ago. The derms office called and said my levels returned to what they were before I started and she would be closing out my iPledge account. Not sure what that means but sounds like the enter the last set of results in there as well. I'm figuring on a 2nd course so I thought I'd play by their crazy game. Good luck.
  8. You're showing great improvement already. Congrats!!
  9. Hey CJ. Nice to see you. Thanks for the encouragment. Appreciate it. Don't be a stranger. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!
  10. Hey Hyper. Thanks for posting in my log. Just finished checking out your gallery and catching up with your log. Mrs N is right; get yourself some cetaphil gentle cleanser! Wash at least once a day. It'll help remove some of the dead skin. Smart a** dollar store comment Accutane should help you clear up wonderfully!! I'll be keeping up with your log. If you haven't read his; Speakeasy3d has a great log! His acne was cystic and nodular; similiar to yours. Thought you might find it wor
  11. Thanks. I think it looks better (not as bad) in person. Something about the pics, it always seems worse.
  12. Sunscreen is important on this drug. Hang in there. I know it really sucks right now but it will get better.
  13. Day 23 Post-Accutane Hypersniper ~ Definately! (did I spell that right) P&W ~ Thanks for stopping by and for the well wishes. Well I know I just posted a few days ago but I'm having a bad face day. For the last couple days my complextion has been pretty blotchy. That's something I don't ever really remember having to deal with. My face is also a little itchy. I used some Burts Bees lip shimmer 2 days ago, it has peppermint oil listed in the ingredients, and I think it burned/irrit
  14. 18 Days Post Accutane.............................. FireGurl / Glad to see you. I'm excited to be finished. Matt / Hey you!! How are you?? Thanks for stopping by. Missed you around here. Well it's nice to be finished and not obsessing (sp) over tane anymore. I just posted some new pics in my gallery. Stop by and check them out. I'm by no means clear but continue to improve. I had bacne pretty bad. I'm thinking because I had it for bad for so long I'm taking longer to clear. We'
  15. From the album: Jules70's Album

    I was on Accutane for just over 6 months. (Missed doses and extra pills put me at about 6 1/2 months) I'm now 18 days post tane.
  16. From the album: Jules70's Album

    Yup. S....L....O....W....L....Y.... Clearing
  17. From the album: Jules70's Album

    Well here I am 2 1/2 weeks off tane. I'm still slowly clearing.
  18. I AM OFFICIALLY OFF TANE!!! I took my last pills yesturday! Hey Fgirl........ Nice to see you on the boards. Glad to hear that everything is going so well for you. Sounds like you are really enjoying yourself. That's wonderful!! I'm curious to see what is going to happen to me now that I'm off the tane. What's in store for me next??
  19. 3 DAYS TO GO........................!!!!!!! btw: this is my 500th post! Should have saved it for my last. Oh well!!
  20. 10 Days to go................. Not much going on. Going thru a dry spell right now. My lips are peeling and I'm getting a split in the corner of my mouth and my face is starting to peel again. But all is well, 10 days to go I noticed that I've been clearing some more in the past week. At one point I was taking 80mgs a day and my cholesterol went up. My derm was concerned so she dropped me to 60mgs a day. I noticed that my improvement slowed way down. Once I had enough extra pills to
  21. HENRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How's everything?? Nicole?? Are you going to do a 2nd course. Miss you around here. Jules
  22. Glad to hear things are going so well post tane for you Paul. Hope it continues. Jules