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  1. Congrats on starting tane. Just sit back and try to enjoy the ride. Sounds like your derm is starting you on a really low dose and gradually increasing it. If that's the case you hopefully won't have a real IB or a very little one. I'll be keeping up with your log. Good luck.
  2. I googled my email and didn't come up with any links to any sites. Why do so many people want to delete their accounts?? I'm 37 years old and have been fighting with acne since 5th grade. I'm finally getting some real help. What are you putting on an acne help forum that has you so embarassed?? Just curious.
  3. Should start Monday or Tuesday!! Had my bloodwork and derm appt yesturday. I now have my script for tane in my hands. Just have to wait to be entered into iPledge. Hoping it will happen Monday or Tuesday. I'm looking foward to starting round two. The last time I had a problem with my cholesterol. It went up and it was alittle too high as far as my derm was concerned. My GP said he would put me meds to lower it but wasn't concerned because my levels would return to normal when I was fi
  4. Hey juin. Sounds like your doing okay. I've heard the facial redness referred to as the "tane flush". I've seen pics of it in the gallery. If your face is really red I wonder if part of it is the products you are using. I'm no expert but found that the non-comedogenic, sensitive skin, fragrance free products left my face the least aggravated/irritated. For example, I used some Burt's Bees lip shimmer that had peppermint oil in it. It ended up burning my lips. They cracked and split and it
  5. Countdown: 15 Days Till Tane! I should be starting my course in two weeks. Looking forward to it. Went out and bought some Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser so I had it. I also picked up the new Chapstick 100% Naturals Lip Butter. I like it. It's goes on very nicely but doesn't seem to have the staying power of regular Chapstick. I'm still using Bare Minerals makeup, fell in love with it, and Oil of Olay moisturizer. I'm all stocked up. I personally found that less is better when taking tane.
  6. I'm glad I found this site and kept a log of my course. I found it to be theraputic for myself and it was helpful to read what others were going thru. I look at it as an online journal.
  7. Welcome to the .org!! Congrats and good luck. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. Jules
  8. Hello. Just finished reading your log. You seem to have things under control. Congrats. I'm a fellow 37/f here. I should be starting my 2nd course of tane next month. My experience with the first round was once the dryness takes over you have to stay on top of it. I turned into a chapstick junkie and went thru a ton of moisturizer (lol, go figure, you spend all that time trying to get dry) My oil production has returned to almost what it was before my first course. I really miss being
  9. Welcome to the .org juin. I hope your experience with accutane will be positive. As to your question about Vit A rich foods, I don't think you have anything to worry about. With all the reseach I've done the only warning I can find is to stay away from Vit A supplements. I think the fishy smell is from the gelatine capsules. My Vat E capsules smell too. Feel free to ask any questions and good luck. Jules
  10. Hello Taren!! I'm glad to hear things have been going well for you. It was nice to see a familiar face around here. I'm going to be starting my second couse of accutane next month. Hope to see you around here. Julia
  11. 30 days till round 2 with accutane! Well everyone, I'm back!! I should start my 2nd journey down the accutane road in appx 30 days. I went to see the Derm today and she agreed to let me do a second course. I'm very excited and focused on the end result. At least this time I'll know what to expect and this will be a piece of cake. I know all the doctor appts and lab work are a pain in the @** but it's nothing compared to living with acne. I'll be back to catch up on logs and see who's
  12. 1 YEAR AGO TODAY SINCE MY LAST POST!! Hello All!! It's been exactly 1 year to the day since my last post. I hope everyone is doing well. I just wanted to stop by and post an update. Overall, I've been happy with my results from accutane. My back has cleared up significantly although not completely. The oil production has returned and I'm starting to break out again. I've made an appt with my derm to see what we can do. I'd really like to take another course of tane. If she doesn't approv
  13. From the album: Jules70's Album

    Here's a picture exactly one year since my last one was posted. It was interesting looking back on the photos. I really had great results from the tane. I'm still not clear but what an improvement. I've made an appt with my derm to be re-evaluated for another course of tane. She wasn't receptive last year. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
  14. From the album: Jules70's Album

    Oh How The Oil Has Returned!!
  15. From the album: Jules70's Album

    I was still clearing up to about 30 or so days after my last pill.
  16. From the album: Jules70's Album

    6 months of tane / 66 days after my last pill.
  17. Post Accutane Day 66 I haven't been around in a while. Well, it's been 66 days since I took my last accutane pill. Still feels weird. My accutane side effects have finally subsided. Everythings feels like it's back to "normal". I took some new pics that I'll post when I'm finished writing this. The pics actually look a little better to me than looking in the mirror. Seems like the opposite of all my other pics. Go figure. Little bummed at the moment. I feel like my skin is going back to
  18. Day 38 Post Accutane Hello All. Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. Things are going well here in Southern New England. Just posted some new pics in my gallery. Check them out if you like. Still seeing some improvement. Haven't really had to deal with much in the way of left over side effects. My lips have finally healed. That was a weird experience. It was as if they burned and peeled leaving uber sensitive skin. Had the crack in the corner of the lip show up as well. That's fi