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  1. reading this makes me cringe, you got problems...but anyway....
  2. Pretty sure theyll just do it- i had it done with a buncha bad acne, compared to other treatments its pretty mild....this got me thinking, i actually have a coupon for a free microdermabrasion but i ignored it since i had fraxel done and had done it before...but oh well, why not use it, its free...
  3. well just tell him that i had it done by like the best doctor and i had to pay a little over $6000 for 4 fraxels
  4. Is your face totally or practically clear of scars? If so youre prolly not still on this forum cause that seems to be how it goes-not to be negative or anything...But-if you truly have a success story can you tell the rest of us how you did it?
  5. corect me if im wrong guys but i dont think microdermabrasion does anything
  6. i dont know what the settings were--i mean he knew what he was doing he's the best---
  7. this is the first i have heard of this TCA business. I just spent over $6,000 for Fraxel and my scars are still bad....maybe i oughta give this whirl? Please keep up with updates people!
  8. ok i had 4 fraxels by the best doctor and i see no improvement what do i do now? it cost me over 6 grand!
  9. My skin tuns red doing the regime? Would cutting back help or should I stop?
  10. I found this great product...you guys should check it out... http://www.thenaturalacnecure.com
  11. Im going in for my fraxel soon and Im a little nervous.
  12. theres a good review for an acne cure at http://www.thenaturalacnecure.com