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  1. hi, first, I'd like to say thanks so much for coming up with this thread. I just started using EM about a month ago, and have since purchased 3 sample kits, tinted silk dust and two of their oversized jars. i just made my mix yest of foundation olive fair sunkissed fair multi tasking neutral and a few drops of medium beige summer its sounds like im some sort of chemist, and it may seem like a lot of work, but i find this way helps to achieve a more seemless color. i put it all in those big jars
  2. hi i heard about this website and tried the regimen exactly as stated with very poor results...as soon i stopped i cleared up for a while..it was horrible the way my face crusted up and hurt and was peeling and i couldnt go out in the dAYTIME....anyway when i started i had mile acne..few zits nothing big..by the time i ended it i had moderate acne...be very wary also i used purpose bar soap and neut 2.5
  3. hi i have been on the regimen three weeks..i started out once a day ramped it up to twice a day broke out more cuz it was getting the gunk out couldnt wear makeup cuz it would flake and my skin was beyond red and irritated..for the past few days i have been doing it at night and my skin is normal again..i do use aha in the day tho when im not applying bp now..but i will ramp it back up ina day or so now that spring is coming and the sun isout and i ned clear skin
  4. hi my skin is sooooooo red and dry especially around my mouth..are u using the jojoba ol to sustain this? are u red at all? and is it available at like a gnc? or vitamon store? what brand do u use?
  5. im thinking of getting on ortho tro cyclen while on the regimen? anyone else out there doing this and if so what re ur results?
  6. i hev been on the regimen almost two weeks but wanna know what anyone thinks of this eucerin dry skin therapy moisturizing creme?it has mineral oil in it but says it wont clog pores..i was using cetaphil moisturizer but it does not really help the dryness..should i moisturize more with the cetaphil..im scared of breaking ou tmore with the eucerin???? help??!?
  7. hi,i have been on the regimen for about two weeks...and i know its too soon to notice anything but i do think it is working..i am still breaking out but they are definitely smaller and healing quicker.I am just curious..how long before i start seeoing results or ar the new spots i get just part of the ritual of my skin purging itself? i have been using purpose bar neut bp moisturizing with eucerin dry skin moisturizer because i couldnt find the daily renewal and my skin was beyond dry..every oth
  8. hey i have been omn the regimen now for bout 5 days and my face is very red..i am using purpose soap bp aha and moisturizer..any help??
  9. well it seems to be working for me after three days i mean last night the whole right side of my chin is really broken out now this morning its red yes its noticeable yes butthe pimples seem to have either went down or come to a head which is good..the reason i use lots of bp is cuz for the last year i have been using zoderm a prescription cream of i think 6% and it was too drying
  10. ok so i could not find the eucerin or the neutrogena so im using the cetaphil moisturizing lotion..is this bad i have ben on the regimen three days..using purpose bar soap..bp loads of it cuz my face is used to it..aha lotion then the cetaphil..i am still breaking put but they seem to be healing faster...seems like its working to me the regimen i mean but any clues as to the moisturizer??
  11. well i ahve beem using this regimen for 3 days and i have had acne since i am 14 and i am now 26..its gotten substantially worse over the last few years//i think the regimen is great and not expensive at all u just have to b ecareful!i am still breaking out but they are clearing up lots faster