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  1. Hedgecore, that breaks my heart..stay strong and follow your dreams! Sometimes people say things when they are angry that they know they shouldn't… that doesn't mean she doesn't love you xx
  2. Hi Dylemma, i am probably not much help but I would strongly suggest you see a derma if you can afford too now that you are working.. It is ok if you work outdoors but you must cover up and wear a wide brim hat and lots of sunscreen. Good luck
  3. Hey Jordan, just wanted to say hang in there buddy… you have conquered the acne, congrats on that ..now the next stage, you can do this, just think how far you have come. A strong mind and body will pull you through, your not alone
  4. I think anthonykell is a good hearted man with good intentions.. thanks for trying to lift spirits!
  5. Hi AnonGirl9, I am by no means an expert.. just a mum of a teen that has been suffering with Acne as well. I would suggest that you talk to your Dr about Accutane. You will find many different opinions here on the topic but I do believe it has its place.. just weigh up the pros and cons and your own situation. I have seen first hand how debilitating it can be for a teenager to suffer through acne.. i wish you good luck and remember that it doesn't change the person that you are inside.. sta
  6. I am so sorry for my delay in responding… I have not forgotten about all you wonderful people [some of you may not be so wonderful but hard to forget!] It has been a crazy 6 months since I first pleaded for help for my boy.. thank you to all of you who took the time to respond and share your ideas, whether we tried them or not.. whether that idea worked or not, i want to THANK YOU for being invested in our situation. Here is a current photo.. WOW I can't even believe it was as bad as it
  7. Hi, thanks for your input. Can you please explain what the addition of ibuprofen with the antibiotic actually does? Sounds interesting.
  8. Hi Jennjm, Thanks for your message, it is always comforting to hear that others are experiencing the same thing and that your not alone. I hope in return that you know that you will get through this..persistence and a healthy mind can do wonders. My son is improving every week and is feeling much better emotionally. Stay strong and continue to do what you love… you will come out the other side a stronger person.
  9. sounds to me like you need a hug ((((())))) If I am not mistaken, you are missing your family… doesn't sound like they are near? It must be hard dealing with the pressures of study and feeling down just magnifies all the other things that aren't perfect.. For starters, I suggest to stay clear of that bathroom, it sounds hideous .. enough to send anyone into a blubbering mess! I am glad your trying to be positive.. keep your chin up my friend… loving your self is the PERFECT place to start
  10. Oh My.. I am actually laughing right now…, I saw the title and said to myself "this may be an interesting read" Then I open the post and realised who wrote it! ….someone please tell me why i just wasted 5 minutes of my life reading the crap that flows from orlando 158's mind?? Your comments really are not worth the response but hey, i just can't seem to help myself pretty obvious acne doens't equal high testosterone levels as some girls have acne and girls don't produce much testos
  11. Yes i agree. And just to clarify, he is under the care of a dermatologist and has been for over 12 months .. we have 2 upcoming dermo appointments in the next month. I do like the fact that I posted here in this community and received some great advise…and some not so great! but i have sifted through the info and applied some of it.. all of which i will discuss with our Dermatologist at our next appointment.
  12. sounds like your just the type of guy he would want to take advise from! Thanks for your input.
  13. Well considering your 1st post states that acne is 100% genetic and that nothing we do will change that … i see your now somewhat contradicting your blunt statement with this post. If you had of read the previous posts before rudely replying with this comment then you would know that he is NOT a bodybuilder nor have i ever referred to him as a weightlifter. Obviously by stopping his "exercise routine" [which yes contains weights] would help determine if that is in fact the cause of his acne but
  14. Thanks for clarifying wishclean.. i will definitely keep an eye on it and if improvement doesn't continue I will look further into folliculitus. Twoo8569, i am so glad this post has helped others.. one of the hardest things to do as a mother is see your kids hurting emotionally & i feel so many parents overlook this.. breaks my heart to read posts on here about parents that just don't understand. Anyhow, we have replaced milk with coconut milk.. that seems to be the one that he likes be
  15. Ok, I will be bluntly honest.. a paleo diet is not an option for him at this time. He is a 15yo who is more interested in gaining mass to follow a sporting dream & anything that stands in the way of that will be a "no go". I feel keeping it as simple as possible is our best option. Although in saying that i am interested in having some of these tests done to see what results they produce. I 100% believe that diet is a contributing factor here. The removal of milk, combined with the con