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  1. My dermatologist puts me on clindamycin/benzoyl peroxide gel + minocycline 200 mg a day + tretinoin 0.1%. My acne are all gone, but I'm left with a lot of PIH. Should I continue with minocycline + tretinoin 0.1% WITHOUT using the benzoyl peroxide? I feel like it makes the marks last longer....or should I just stick with it until I see a derm again in May? Thanks! I have a very light skin if that means anything.
  2. I've been on tretinoin 0.1% + minocycline 200 mg a day for about 6 weeks. ALL my acne pretty much cleared up, with some new whiteheads here and there. When I glide over my face in the shower, the surface is very smooth and I'm happy with the progress. However, it leaves me with a bunch of hyperpigmented areas (kind of like this picture http://twacha.org/images/l9.jpg). Does retin-a help reduce these red spots? And if so how long should I expect it to work???? Thanks!!!!!!!
  3. First of all I would like to thank all of you who answered my previous question when I had no hope of tretinoin working. Well, I guess I responded extremely fast to the treatment. After 3 weeks of tretinoin 0.1%, minocycline, and 5% BP, my face almost had no bumps (although new breakout still appeared). However, those bumps left over very purple/red hyperpigmentation that won't go away Would tretinoin help with these patches of discoloration and how long should I expect it to work? Sorry that
  4. Thanks for the advice guys! Yes, BP in the morning and tretinoin 0.1% at night, it's weird that I almost have no irritation now, although my skin is still quite dry.
  5. I went to a dermatologist last week and he prescribed me tretinoin 0.1%, benzoyl peroxide 10%, and minocycline 100 mg twice a day. The first 3-4 days I was peeling a lot but it gets much better now (tretinoin didn't cause peeling, BP did). I don't really notice any differences at all and I break out like I normally do When should I expect to see a result? And is the initial breakout (or normal breakout) normal??? Thanks so much I'm so grateful for your help