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  1. yup.. mostly just when make up wouldnt cover how i wanted it to.. or if i had picked at my skin so bad that it was oozing
  2. I totally understand what you're saying.. i'm the same way.. I think you should just let him know that it's a personal thing and that he needs to be patient and understanding and he needs to wait until you feel comfortable enough to stop wearing makeup
  3. yes... acne on the lower jaw, especially for males.. is definiately a result of hormones, the cheeks.. i'm not sure about. However, it could be a spread of the bacteria if you (hopefully you don't) pick at the pimples, it's very common to see another one right beside it the next day!
  4. good question there are tons of dating sites out there..
  5. dudes join the chat why dont more people use it?!?
  6. I would have to say it started mostly in grade 8 and then i started wearing a lot of make up to cover it up.. i felt like i was always the only one in my grade who wore cover up.
  7. I've had the same thing as well.. but you know what, i did my hair and make up and put on nice clothes.. and thats all you can do. I wouldnt say postpone it.. unless you really really feel its going to effect how you present yourself to him.. if he is really 'in love' with you, it should be the last thing on his mind.
  8. I do exactly what I would be doing if i was having a good skin day.. you can't sit home and feel sorry for yourself.. and you can't miss out on life just because of your appearance. the only person you are hurting is yourself...
  9. your face being oily doesn't have anything to do with you wearing your hair down.. it's most likely your face was always oily but it was less noticeable because you wore makeup silly but whatever works..
  10. if you find that your skin is clearing up.. i would say definatly stick to what you're doing. if you can, the best bet is have the least amount of make up on your skin.. good luck
  11. i've used dove unscented.. dove sensitive skin.. and dove exfoiliating soap.. i like them all.. right now i'm using the exfloiliating soap, and i have sensitive skin yet i don't think it is drying or harsh.. I use oil of olay complete care moisturizer... it contains an spf of 15.. i use it all year long.
  12. i'm not sure about this one.. i dont think it causes me to break out.. and when i went to an all inclusive resort a couple months ago i was drinking every night, and i had the most clearest skin iv had in a long time.. but i think a lot of that has to do with tanning and such.. being in the sun all day really cleared up my skin, and it could also be the salt water from the ocean.. but there's always a downside.. after i came back i broke out again still..
  13. hey.. well i havent written on here in almost 4 months.. i try not to pick but i do slip up sometimes. i've came a long way though. I'm just lettin you know how i'm doing which is alright.. I went out in the sun the other day for a while and then i started to break out the next few days. has anyone else had that problem? oh well.. i'll live!
  14. Hey.. I read that Orthro-tricyclen(a kind of birth control) makes 9 out of 10 womens skin look better. Has anyone been on it and noticed a change in their acne?