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  1. I read that chaste berry extract helps balance hormones. I had been off of birth control for about 3 months, and my acne came back as bad as it had been in my teens. Not only that but I had bad depression with severe mood swings. I started using chaste berry for about a month, and already my acne is getting better and the depression has lifted. I would really recommend it.
  2. I started getting a couple of whiteheads, and that sort of freaked me out, so I stopped using this serum. I realized that those whiteheads popped up because it's that time of the month. Either way, I do think that I should stop using Bp before starting to use this serum, so I'll be working on that. For now, I won't be using the serum.
  3. Quick Fix for Big Pores, Uneven Texture, and Fine Lines

    This product is awesome! It completely makes your skin look smoother and airbrushed. Good for those days when you don't need foundation. It is a temporary fix that lasts all day and gets off when you wash it off. Be sure to get the oil free one if your skin is oily or combination. It comes out as a gel. You just apply it either on bare skin after moisturizing or under foundation. It DOES NOT get rid of redness, though. So, if you have red patches, it will smooth them out on your face, which is
  4. 3rd Day: Face is slightly red, but pores are smaller and skin is smooth. Could be the Miracle Blur.
  5. 2nd Day: So I began to notice my skin flaring up. I am getting pretty red in the face. I've had this problem before, maybe two months ago, and it was absolutely awful. My skin always looked like a tomato. If this serum is the culprit, I will stop using it because I really don't want that problem again. I will drag it out for maybe a month before I stop to see if it really is the serum. I think that a couple of things that really brightened my skin were that I began using Garnier Skin Renew M
  6. I'm back!!! So I put the serum on 5 min after the Bp. What struck me as odd was that it was sparkly It didn't look like good news to me. I also don't like that it has fragrance, because my skin is pretty sensitive, but I have high hopes for this serum. My skin was a bit dry putting it on, since my skin becomes dry whenever I wash it. I was surprised that my skin stung a bit after putting it on. What I'm going to do for my first week is take it easy. First wash my face, 5 min after put on Bp (on
  7. I'm not sure exactly, but I think so because everyone who uses BP seems to have a weird bumpy texture to their skin that looks dry, and that's what I'm starting to have. UPDATE: Today I noticed that my skin around my nose and on the cheeks seemed to be peeling, but not too much so it is bearable for now, but I know that it will get worse soon if I don't prevent it, so I decided not to use this serum for now. I think that the problem is that I used AHA before I began using this serum, and havi
  8. The Regimen has cleared me up. I've been on it for 7 months, and I am almost acne free. The only problems now are the texture to my skin and red acne spots. I am currently still on the regimen, but I am using only a segment of a finger's length of BP only at night, and I recently stopped using AHA because I want to try this serum. I am going to post my results from this serum every now and then, like tomorrow and from there every week or so. I will also post a "before" picture soon. The cam
  9. I've been using the regimen for seven months. The first month, my face got really dry and red. I had a whole bunch of flakes and I looked like I had a bad sunburn. When I introduced AHA+ into my regimen, the flaking disappeared almost instantly and the redness subsided. As time went on, I got clearer and clearer, maybe around two months after I had started. Then, I realized that I didn't need so much BP to help me stay clear, so I started using it only at night. I also decreased my dosage so tha
  10. Benzoil Peroxide has no influence on oily skin. Milk thistle could help a little because it elevates your estrogen levels. I would not recommend that to men. Benyzol peroxide helps my skin stay dry
  11. I have been using the Regimen for 5 months and it has worked wonders for my skin. I am almost completely clear. My only concern is the strange dry skin that people have when they use the regimen. I see it in the success stories and on my own face. It seems that benyzol peroxide leaves a strange slight redness and dryness on skin, causing it to look old and blotchy. Now I don't even use the recommended amount of benyzol peroxide, because it leaves my skin seriously dry and flakey, and using a lit
  12. You can try using less BP. I use it only at night now, and it doesn't make my face dry and flakey, and it still helps me keep acne away. You might break out as you transition into using it only at night, like I did, but it is worth it.
  13. Yes, I use Acne.org products now. I just find it easier to buy it together than look for the perfect face wash and moisturizer in drug stores. It is so hard to find the right ones.