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  1. Try not using a moisterizer at night. Are you that dry at night? I was on accutane 20mg for 8months and only really '"needed" it in the morning before makeup. You get into a habit of just putting it on after a shower, but dont neccessarily need it
  2. Probably a week? I was using just the bottled aloe after sun gel, did some research and found the aloe plant is heaps more potent. I had one at home so started picking that off and using it. I swear by it. Still use it now
  3. ALoe Vera gel cleared up my redness! I was amazed! Give that a go after your shower at night
  4. Try aloe vera! Helps reduce redness!
  5. Extremely Mild! Maybe its just hormonal changes, or not consistent with cleansing? Try using something gentle like cetaphil. And if your skin isnt dry, or doesnt feel like you need moisterizer, dont use it! People over use products, and once you start putting crap on your face you will have to keep doing it.
  6. What dose are you on? The dose may be too high too soon.
  7. Hey Cathy!! I think it looks moderate! I know you feel like its severe, but trust me, there are soooooo many worse cases than ourselves out there, try to find comfort in that. It sucks that you cant afford accutane because i think that would definitley do the trick. You only need a small dose Ive learnt, and makes a HUGE difference. From my experience, you need to takle these issues from the inside, as well as topical treatment. Youve listed loads of brands, as acne sufferers we will tr
  8. Thanks so much for your response! Ill be on 20mg a day when i go ( in 2 weeks), but still a bit weary. Ive purchased invisible zinc which is supposed to be good. What SPF did you use? And did you tan?
  9. Ive been on a low dose of accutane for about 6 months, had no side effects at all. Im going to Bali for 2 weeks and will be on a lower dose. I usually tan very easily, but always wear sunscreen. Does anyone have any experiences with sun exposure and accutane? And any tips?
  10. Do you know what your dosage will be? If you are on a lower dose, you may not experience much of an initial break out. I was on 20mg a day and never got an IB. Everyone is different though. How bad is your acne? Will a makeup artist be able to do the trick?
  11. I know how you feel! I was the same at christmas! Ive been on accutane for 5 months, and its been a lifesaver!! Have you heard of Dermablend? I still use it (just not as much) and it covers EVERYTHING! Redness and all! And you dont need much for good coverage. Also, do you use liquid foundation and primer?
  12. Thanks for your reply! I went and saw the derm yesterday, and he uped my dosage and gave me a script for Eryacne. Should be for another month then call it a day. Hopefully it will do the trick!
  13. Ive been on Oratane (Australian Accutane) for nearly 21 weeks now and have seem a massive improvements with minor side effects. Have been on 20mg every day, 40mg mon, wed, fri. My skin is brand new and im so happy with it. My derm said that my next visit may be my last one, although i still have some teeny tiny little bumps on my cheeks. Is accutane supposed to clear everything? Or does it just clear up the big massive ones? And im scared to go off it incase the acne comes back.
  14. Dermablend cover creme is a great concealer, and recommended by dermatologists, covers up EVERYTHING!! ASAP Mineral Makeup is a good foundation, and Skin02 is fantastic, it was made by doctors for problematic skin its the best!!