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  1. One word: WOW!! I love your skin. Way to go, girl! Its good to see how the regimen is working for someone. I am only in my first week of using it and i am going through the worst. My face is red, stinging and itching all at the same time. I am having to apply BP only once instead of the recommended twice. I don;t know whats worse when i go out: having people do a double take when they see my face and asking :"what did u do to your face?!" or they just can;t look at you in the eyes. Felt
  2. Hi Klosot, Well, in my humble opinion since i am quite new here, if your skin looks better at nite after u applied BP and moisturized, why not do the same thing in the morning? After all, Dan recommends twice daily in his video. So.... and your skin does not sting too much as to be unbearable....
  3. Hi! I was wondering if you guys know what kind of Oil Blotting Sheets i can use while being on Dan's regimen. I mean my forehead is oily and shiny, really bad. I am using an oil free moisturizer but i need something to remove the oil gently from my forehead duing the day since i can't wash my face more than twice daily. So.... oil blotting sheets....what kind? what brand? where to get them?... Thanks P.S totally outta subject, i know...... but i can't get into the chat room. Is that n
  4. Hi! Well u seem to be a lucky gal. Or u could also not putting enough BP on your face. Dan's videos show a third of a finger during the first weeks and then increases the quantity after some time. Thats what i am doing anyway. I just started the regimen and i can tell ya.... red it is my face and it sometimes stings. Wish i could be as lucky as you!!
  5. How about both morning and night? Does not hurt. Unless u live in very cold country.
  6. Okay i have been reading through this regimen. Man, this looks tedious! Looks like what i have been doing these years. Except with different products. I have no hope right now. I just know it won't work. I will give it a try anyway. I will post again afterwards. Thanks a lot
  7. Hi all! I am new to this board. I have been looking around for a message board where I could post some of my questions. Now I am in my early twenties and I have been fighting with my acne for the past 6 years already. I am sick and tired. I have tried everything. It just does not work. The biggest problem is i have a very oily skin. I am using cleansers and moisturizers but it just does not work. Some say that you should not wash too often or it just gets more oily. And lets not for