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  1. Hey Guys, I had acne for around 2 years. It may not seem like that long for some of you but trust me, 2 years is to long. I am 17 now so I started getting acne around 15. At first it was just normal teen acne, a few red spots and a white head here and there. But as time went on it got worse. My dad had acne when was a kid and he didn't want me to go through the same thing so he decided to take me to the derm. My derm prescribed the basics for acne, Minocycline and Epiduo.
  2. Hey. I literally just asked the same question in another thread. The general advice was to only use Epiduo once a day cause it contains other active ingredients not just Bp, and that can be alittle harmful to your skin if applied more often. So just apply once a day at night. and dont do to much, ive been using this stuff for about a week now and am already seeing an improvement. Also make sure you use a gentle cleanser before you put on the Epidue cause the first few weeks
  3. Alright thanks. I'll stick to using one application of Epiduo a day and the recommend amount on the tube and see how that works. I might try Bp somewhere down the road if this doesnt help to much. Thanks.
  4. Hey guys. I have acne (big surprise) and I have tried alot of different things to get rid of it, face washes, homemade treatments and the like. At most these things only helped alittle, but I still have bad acne. I recently came across the Regimen and I really like the idea. Ive already been follow the steps on how to wash my face and have been super gentle. Its really helps cause my face looks way less red now. My question is if I can Epiduo instead of bp? Cause I just g