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  1. ive been taking it about 4 days now and my face seems more broken out could this pill cause an inital breakout
  2. im allergic to b complex is taking a centrum a day enough with 5g of b5
  3. is one centrum multivitamin enough to take with like 5g of b5 because im allergic to b complex
  4. i seen it on tv last night does it really cover like it says or is it a fraud
  5. some days my skin is so dry and some days its very oily but i always use same face wash does this happen to anyone else
  6. this is weird i used the soap ONLY last night and it dryed up alot pimples and my face is dry i used it again today and it did the same, i wonder why the toner leaves a very greasy face for me, im just gonna use the soap
  7. is your soap greasy feeling if u touch it the soap i got from the website feels extremely greasy like vaseline
  8. ive been using the soap and toner for 2 days now and my face seems alot oilier did this happen to anyone else
  9. i was on about 6g of b5 for a year n a half after around 8 months i got chronic constipated every day for the rest of the time i was on them, i thought i had something seriously wrong i didnt think it was from the pills. i found a website stating all the side affects and constipation was one. i went to the doctor and brought the pills with me and notice how the ingredients says D-CALCIUM before the pantothenic. its a form of calcium and when calciums taken in too much u get constipated, not incl
  10. i ordered the sulfur one because SA makes me brake out bad i think works it seems to dry them fast ive been using it 3 days now
  11. i bought a sulfur soap from sulphursoap.com but it has no sulfur smell at all just a fragrance smell is this normal or could it be fake
  12. i ordered a soap from sulphursoap.com and i got it today and it has no sulfur smell to it at all just a fragrance smell could it be fake?
  13. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/lofiversi...php/t32066.html