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  1. Torakashi



    I am absolutely sure that it was MSM that made me break out... Didnt work for me
  2. Torakashi



    Didnt really help... Tried going vegan did improve my skin but, one step further didnt going gluten free didnt get me the results i hope for, tried it for a year, i suppose I can just say hello to some beloved wholemeal bread again
  3. Only real remedy for me!

    Any other chemical stuff, even though i thoroughly scan products for comedogenic ingredients, will most likely break me out, its just aloe vera, water and a clay mask once a week now, and my skin is doing perfectly fine!
  4. Broke me out

    I had clear skin after taking accutane and thought this might help prevent future breakouts, but afte washing my face with it once a day for 3 days, the first cysts started to come up right the morning after I washed my face, went back to "water only" its the best for my hyper-sensitive skin.
  5. I definitely recommend trying the "Only Water" approach, I myself have seen major improvements from it... But I suggest you overthink the "no masturbation" thing, since not having an orgasm for a long period actually raises hormone levels (testosterone), which lead to sebum production --> acne