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  1. I was watching Who's Line is It Anyway, a popular comedic improv show on the family channel I believe. This may have been an old episode, but they were giving out topics by the audience, and someone said acne. The comedians then proceeded to joke about how to get ride of acne. Would people make jokes about curing cancer? Cancer is a disease last time I heard, and so is acne. Acne is an inflammatory disease, with no real cure. Sure, the CSR is fantastic, but it does not work for everyone. I jus
  2. After being on the Clear Skin Regimen for just about one week, I am just about clear. I got the odd pimple now here and there, and I think the break out portion of the CSR is still going on, or is just about over, or maybe not even begun. But I can tell you this. My skin texture has changed, I can feel less oil production, and Ive been eating whatever I want and no break outs. Check out my gallery if you wish, these results are real. I just want to thank Dan so much for making this possible. Ha
  3. Find out more info inside!
  4. Your single, shes single, and she invited you over to watch a movie. Unless one of you were gay, this basically means that she feels something for you. Because she is definitely not acting like shes your buddy by watching a movie together. My advice? Dont you dare let the woman go if you think that she could be the one. You know why? Because she could be.
  5. My friend who is a facial skin cleaner (forgot the profession word for it) said that I shouldn't exfoliate when I have active pimples on my face, because it will spread the infection. If the exfoliatior has tiny grains in it. Im asking this because everytime I exfoliate, my face feels and looks great. Im using Clean And Clear Blackhead Exfoliation.
  6. Im taking Zin, Vitamin A, D, E, Milk Thisle, Garlic and Hawthorn, Age-less Skin Formula, Vitamin B5
  7. Acne sucks. Im sorry I dont have a clear answer. (Pun)
  8. Exactly. Make sure you clean the surface. If you want to know a secret of mine, I usually pee inside the steam room when I'm alone and too lazy to go to the urinals. I'm sure I'm not the only one who does that. Thats seriously sick man, stop doing that! Anyway, I try to go to the sauna at least once a week, and trust me, it does wonders for my skin. Being in there makes my pores open up and all the dirt comes out. I go to a Russian sauna in NYC, and its a good one.
  9. I tried to put the zinc tablet in the water but it wasnt diluting ... what temperature should the water be at?
  10. I was just asking since maybe they didnt contain certain ingredients to make you break out, and maybe other kinds do. Some people are not too nice on hear, but its all good, im used to it