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  1. If anyone is still reading this, it has been a few months since going up to 10mg per day. NOT worth it. too much dry skin, more than moisturizer can handle, and trying to mess with it and get it under control has caused more acne. Now it is more like a rash. I am going to rid my body of accutane and try from ground zero aka oily skin going on 20mg per week and will not increase unless perhaps to 30mg per week IF i have to. i was experiencing good slow but consistent results with 20mg per week an
  2. End of week 9, starting week 10 ( I believe ). oily skin increased mildly for about 2-3 days then went back to normal, but probably because i was loading up on dairy and junk food, but i did not see any change in acne. So far, the progress is slow, but consistent and positive and i am beginning to really find myself more attractive, and i think my confidence has been bumped up one small notch, as I have noticed a few girls flirting with me and being really nice to me, not that they weren't befor
  3. Thanks for the advice. I believe we may be seeking different things from accutane. From what I've read, no matter what the intensity of the course, oily skin will always come back. What I'm trying to do is find a weekly dose (hopefully just 10mg a week) that I can take indefinitely. I don't want to put myself through a whole course of something like 40 - 60 mg only to have my oily skin come back in a year. My acne is very minimal so it is pretty much just the oily skin I'm trying to control. A
  4. Hey just seeing how its going for you and giving an update. Since last update, my oily skin has seen major improvement. I can now go all day without getting crazy oily. I still get oily but its normal/below normal amount. I'm sticking with 20 mg a week for a while. Hopefully eventually get it down to 10 a week. ^ I am unclear on the process of replying to just one quote, so I hope this works Good to hear you are seeing effects already. Keep in mind that once you go down to 10mg/week,
  5. I do'\t know if you are on any skin care regimen or using any chemicals, but I had side effects like dry skin and redness when on 10mg/day, but when I tried the caveman regimen (for me it was a shower once a day, switched to NO chemicals, just water) my face became healthier and I no longer have dryness even with 10mg every other day, switching to 10mg per day for me I believe won't be a problem. using chemicals on your face combined with Accutane's drying properties is a bad mix for side effect
  6. end of week 7. starting this week (week 8) I am moving up to 10mg every other day (35mg/week). i can confirm that my skin is no longer "oily" anymore, it is still slightly oily compared to other people's skin which is matte for the entire day, after a long day mine has a slight sheen only on the forehead, which i can handle. and i know it will get evern better than it is now. acne: NO inflamed pimples except for one very small one maybe once every 1-2 weeks (if i skip a shower ot two and don't e
  7. I've only been doing this about a week so no results to report yet. One question for you though. If you like the results of this regimen, do you plan on doing it for forever? I ask because I'm pretty sure this approach won't produce any last results if you stop taking the pills. I'm not doctor but I don't see much harm in taking 10-20mg a week indefinitely. some people do like 80mg a day for 6 months to a year. willbill, good question. i have also thought about this. the reason i wanted
  8. End of week 6, just took another 20mg. Noticeably less oil production, no reduction in acne yet. Anybody else have a similar experience? I am wondering why my acne is still a problem when there is much less sebum being produced. Will update at end of week 7
  9. End of week 5, just took my 5th 20mg pill. I can tell my face is producing noticeably less oil than it was before. now my face (mainly forehead) doesnt feel oily until the end of the day. acne has settled down a bit, no inflamed pimples ( never really had trouble with those anyway) but tiny whiteheads and surface texture is maybe 80-90% of what it was at the beginning. the main thing I have noticed is that i have been consuming lots of dairy and junk food over the last week, which usually br
  10. End of week 4, just took my 5th 20mg pill for this coming week. So it has been exactly a month since i started this micro dose. Skin is a bit less oily , probably producing about 80% of the oil it was at the beginning. No difference in acne , will post again at end of week 5.
  11. End of week 3, just took my 4th 20mg pill. no difference, skin might be a tad less oily, but hard to tell. dont want to get anyone's hopes up (mine included) until I am 100% sure I am seeing a difference. at least its not getting worse just staying the same or slowly getting better. Still haven't had an inflamed pimple. and it seems like the tiny flesh-colored bumps (small whiteheads?) I get just linger and then go away if i dont pick and squeeze at them and piss them off. an ignored pimpl
  12. End of week 2, just took my third 20mg pill no difference, but my skin has been very good to me the last week. whiteheads still the same, (very small still) but NO inflamed pimples. no reduction in oil yet, but some areas of my face are a little drier than i am used to, only barely noticeable.
  13. because i see no need for a regular dose of 40mg a day, I have started a micro-dose of one 20mg pill/week. I started about 10 days ago; I wish I could have started this log when I actually began taking accutane but Acne.org was having some issues at the time... I will go back a few days and start this log with my 1 week update which was a few days ago. a little about myself: I am a 19 year old Caucasian male living in Canada. skin type: oily, especially around forehead nose and chin acne: m
  14. I am beginning a 20mg/week microdose of accutane, I have seen forums where people take one 20mg pill once a week and others take a 10mg pill twice per week, and examples where some people take 40mg once a week and others take a 20mg pill twice per week... does anyone know if there is a difference when taking a certain amount of accutane once a week as opposed to achieving the same weekly amount by taking smaller pills less often? when i tried 10mg twice a week (20mg weekly), i noticed a tiny bit