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  1. Hi, I'm happy now. TCA has solved my problems to the point where I'm satisfied with my scars. I come here occaisionally and browse the forums. Hi Scorpion Vixon - I moved to the bay area a few months ago glad to hear colostrum is working so well. footprint
  2. hi, Please do not do anything more to your skin for scars, dcy. Try following Dan's regimen and treat your acne first. You're going to damage your skin terribly if you keep this up. footprint
  3. Tracy, I really can't send these out and I told you I'd try again... but then I thought about it more, and I can't bring myself to do it. I thought I posted a message to everbody about this - but I guess not. I guess the more I think about it the more uncomfortable I get. 1. What if somebody hurts themselves with it 2. What if the package breaks and the mailman gets some on him? so I'm really sorry, it was wrong of me to offer and then backtrack - but I can't bring myself t
  4. I agree. Having no problems with the test patch doesn't mean you'll have no problems with the full face peel, but having problems with the test patch pretty much gaurantees you'll have problems with the full face peel.
  5. Don't come here much anymore, but found something that might interest you guys. Glycerin is very cheap. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2003/...31203075525.htm
  6. Hi Scorpio! I'm pretty happy with my skin now. TCA cross helped with large pores and general TCA helped with skin tone/freckles. I'm not putting anything on my face besides sunblock these days. I hope these results last. Also, everybody says this, but drinking a lot of water is really good for your skin. Since the peel, I can tell the difference when I've drunk a lot of water and when I haven't.
  7. Is camelia oil, the oil from the green tea plant? The green tea plant is Cameila sinesis.
  8. Hello everybody, The post office guy warned me last time about shipping TCA and I scrapped the idea. Tracy suggested mailing them out in bubble mailers, and it just so happens I'm rich this week - so anybody who still wants TCA, please PM me and I'll know how many to buy. - don't forget the percentage you would like to dilute it to in your PM k? Thanks, footprint
  9. dcychanhk, Could you maybe post a picture? I have a hard time picturing what your scars look like, and I'm really scared that you might be overdoing things and making things worse. Maybe you can try meditation and relaxation exercises. You're really young, so maybe the muscles are tensed because of stress, making your forehead look wrinkly.
  10. You could try mederma to deal with the raised areas.
  11. hi you guys could try the lemon and vinegar method, it helps with rolling scars and to get rid of acne too. See this thread: http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php...t=lemon+vinegar
  12. hi, I don't think TCA would help your cyst. If the cyst has been there a long time, you have to see your derm and he'll inject cortisone to make it come down. The TCA serum will help make the red marks go away faster, but from the picture, you don't have that many, it might be easier on your skin to go with pure demming gel and lactic.
  13. Is anybody here putting copper peptides on their TCA scabs? It would seem to me that this ought to help and can't hurt.
  14. Any series of acid peels might help. Try lactic first, cause it's gentle. But if you go in the sun again, they'll come back.