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  1. Hi I am so glad to read of your Accutane success!! I am doing just as well. I am 12 weeks post accutane and I am clear!! Your updates during your accutane adventure were always so encouraging to me. I am sure that anyone who reads your post tane log feels the same. I have been under a great deal of stress lately, as you may have read on my short updates in my post tane log. It amazes me that even through all these rough and stressful times, I am still 100% clear. I agree with you, anyon
  2. Your skin looks gorgeous, congrats! Glad to hear all is well with you. Ang
  3. October 23,2006 Good morning to all! I know it has been awhile. I am almost 3 months post tane. My skin is awesome and still improving on texture and color. I am awfully pale though. I have yet to dare myself to go in the sun. I am still using TNS recovery complex. I recommend this to anyone. It is quite expensive but of course good ole Ebay to the rescue where I have found a trustworthy seller who sells it to me 2 bottle for the price of a single bottle at my derms office. Also, I am
  4. Six weeks post tane How is everyone at acne.org??? Sorry it has been awhile but as I always say "life gets in the way!" I am doing great so far. I am 100% clear and there is just enough oil to make my skin look smooth. Quit the change considering the dryness I experienced on tane. I am very happy. My red spots are barely there and not there at all with a little B.E. mineral make up. My last blood work showed my triglycerides back down to 88 so that was good news. I am now starting new
  5. Wow, you really have had great results. I am so pleased by it. I hope I stay on the track that I am on as well. I must say, I envy all the great nature experiences that you have...I think I want to visit MN. Keep posting, Angela
  6. Hi K- Yes, things are going pretty well and I have yet for any oil to appear on my face. I had oily skin before but I have noticed my hair isn't as dry anymore. About scars....I do have some ice pick scars on my face but they don't bother me as much as they would some people. I would rather have scars than dealing with active cysts. My pores have become smaller and tighter which is a very good thing. All in all, I am very satisfied with my results. Don't you worry about oil...you ha
  7. HaHa, hope so Paul UPDATE It has been 11 days since my last pill and I am seeing steady improvement. I have no oil yet but my pores are getting tighter and smaller which is a very good thing. Those two original little pains in the butt that I had (old unhealed pimples) are now fading and healing quite nicely. Not much more to say...I am happy and my skin is still improving even after stopping the meds. Luck to all, Ang
  8. Hey Jules, Don't worry....the drug is in your system. You will be fine. That happened to me one of the months I was on accutane. You will get your last month and the only thing that will change is your end date :D You will be done soon and I wish you many clear days ;) Ang
  9. Way to go Jules!!! You'll see the last 30 go by really fast. See you at the finish line. Ang
  10. Thanks for stopping by Wibble LOL I agree that perhaps some of the aches and pains are due to age but...........I'm gonna blame it alll on Accutane (I refuse to get old ). "I've fallen and I can't get up" sounds better due to a drug I took than because of my age Nice to meet ya!! Ang
  11. Amen to that P&W. Paul, Sounds like you are on a good track. I, like P&W, think that your 3rd time is going to be your last. Keep posting, I love reading your log. Read ya soon, Ang
  12. I just finished my first (hopefully last) course of accutane. My skin is still dry, it's only been one week since I finished. To be honest, even if my skin stayed this dry I still prefer it over having cysts on my face. The funny thing is that my niece had not seen me in 3 mos. and two days ago she looked at me and said wow your skin looks great. You have Accuface! She then said that she has seen so many of her friends take accutane with great results but that she can always recognize when
  13. Paul: I was really achey over the weekend. I think its too soon to tell at this point. My aches and pains are more sparatic than they were 4 weeks ago but they are still there. Thanks for asking How's YOU?? I hope well.... Be well, Ang
  14. Hang in there. Accutane does wonders and I happen to love Obagi. I didn't combine them but you will see that improvement is on its way. Ciao' Ang
  15. P&W: " Our number seems to be growing and we are a happy lot!" Yes, I believe our number is growing, however, for every one post taner there seems to be 10 new tane journeys logged on this site. I hope we can motivate and support each and every one of them Update: Well I am well into my first post tane week and things have not changed. I did run out of my cetephil cleansing bar which I have used the whole time while on Accutane. The drugstore ran out so I ended up purchasing
  16. Good luck to you. Accutane has done wonders in five months for me however I was on a very high dose, 80mgs/20weeks. Just be patient with it, results be great I am sure. Remember to moisturize, I cannot tell you how important that is and don't forget the sunblock Ang
  17. Hang in there Bunny, you will see you will have dramatic results with Claravis. Ang
  18. Because the doctor put me on both of those at the same time......... OUCH! RetinA and Accutane at the same time??? No moisturizer??? There is something wrong there. Please call your derm and confirm that that is what she wants you to use together...perhaps you misunderstood??? Ang
  19. Pookie: I am sure, no matter what, there will be improvement of your skin with accutane. I just saw that you are from Nevada. I will say this....wear plenty of sunscreen on your face. The sun out there is brutal and you will want to avoid it as much as possible once accutane has made your skin reach a fragile stage. My trip to Vegas in June was traumatizing to my skin. I avoided being out in the sun but even still my face got burnt and the eczema that i experienced with tane went out of c
  20. Benzaclin gave me great results but only for a short time. I have now finished my accutane course with very good results. Hopefully, that will remain a fact. I do recommend that once you start accutane that you stop using all topicals even the benzaclin but again I only believe that is necessary once you start your tane course. Until then, I don't think the benzaclin will hurt. Good luck. Ang
  21. Superman: I am anemic and hypothyroid, of course both are more common in women my age than in men at any age. However, if you can, go to a doctor and simple bloodwork will give you an answer. If you don't want to go that route then try taking a good multivitamin with iron. If you have an iron deficiency, after a couple of weeks you should feel better. B vitamins and iron are very good for you and we should all take them. Do you take any vitamins now?? I don't know what your sleep schedul
  22. Day 3 post-tane Welcome to my post tane experience. Today is day three of my life after Accutane. Amazingly enough, my cracked and bleeding lips are about 60 percent better already. My lips really have taken a beatting the past 5 months. Everything else is pretty much the same. I am obsessing over the return of oil. I keep looking at my hair and face trying to find any changes but like I said its only me obsessing because they are both very dry. This morning I woke up stiff as ever
  23. Alisa, I was smoking a pack and a half of cigarettes a day for 15 years. On January 10, '06 I tried the the laser smoking cessation treatment. Here I am 8 months later and I have yet to smoke. I had tried cold turkey and everything else for years and this treatment worked for me. I did want to quit and in doing so I did not gain any weight. I turned my smoking habit into a water habit. They recommended this, I carried water with me all the time. I even still carry a case of bottled wa
  24. Here I am 2 days post Accutane and not a bit of makeup on. It is amazing to me when I look in the mirror. Of course, there is nothing new to report and my skin hasn't changed. The tane will be in my system for about 4 weeks. I keep staring at mirrors to see if I see any premature signs of oil. Yeah, I guess you can say I'm kind of obsessing over that. I will update every few days and let all of you know of the changes. Have a great day! Ang