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  1. Yea I live in the desert so hot summers and cold winters. It's barely starting to warm up
  2. Well I don't use cleansers. And I take wa showers but I could wash it with cold water and it will still dry up. At the moment I use an oil free and alcohol free moisturizer. It's only my cheeks so that's where I put it. I've never had to use lotion before and I've never had dry skin like this. Is there any long term fixes?
  3. yes everyday. When I get out of the shower and after I wash my face. it's oil free and alcohol free.
  4. Hey all is been a while since I have posted here. I'm still battling acne but I have seen dermatologist and they said it is mostly scaring and there are a few laser surgeries that can remove it. So far I've embraced it I've realized that it's going to be with me for a while so why not embrace it. Also gave up on the hopes of getting with the girl of my dreams. She is now my best friend (lol friend zoned to the max). Anyways here's what's up and please forgive me if I misplaced this topic as
  5. Honestly I think that is everywhere you go. People are so judgement and you're right I feel my acne has made me into a more caring person but I do not thank god for that! I've gotten to the point where I've lost the battle against acne. It has won it has completely destroyed my confidence and morale. Ive just excepted the fact that I'm just one of those people who's ugly in high school. Pfft I wish a nice personality was all it takes to get the girl I'd give anything for. But nope I'm stuck in t
  6. I have seasonal allergies and I am a big fan of zyrtec it clears my allergies nicely! As for my acne I have never noticed any change when I am on it.
  7. My acne struggle everything from prescription-over the counter methods i have tried!
  8. Hello all! I just had a suggestion but I am not a 100% sure if this is where i can put it. Anyways I think it would be nice to have a live chat box somewhere in the forums where members can chat about various things with each other. I have seen many other forums with this feature and I think it is pretty cool! What do you guys think?
  9. So I just took these photos and meh I don't think I am clearing. My chin is still clear which is okay but other than that I still havent seen much give on either sides of my face. My morale is also in the shit hole right now. I feel awful everytime i look in the mirror.
  10. Aczone and I just rechecked and the moisturizer is cetaphil spf 50. Any good moisturizers you recommend?
  11. Okay some I am on 60mg of solodoyn, ziana and acuzone and i an having dry skin. Whenever I put lotion on my face it moisturizes but I still have dry skin flakes. Any idea why? I have gotten to the point that if I even just splash my face a few times with warm water my skin becomes dry. I have been off the solodyn and ziana for about a week but I use the acuzone twice a day as directed. How can I deal with this dry skin? My skin is weird when I put lotion on it feels like it's on my face but its
  12. You might want to see a doctor. My advice would be to stay with the Accutane and put neo sporin on those cuts to help it heal and to prevent infection. With Accutane it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Just stick with it and in like 3-6 months you'll have clear skin.
  13. I definitely feel the same way . I am 17 and in high school. Sometimes I just wake up and look at myself in the mirror and think why me? What did I do wrong do deserve such an awful disease? Why can't it just be over haven't I suffered enough?