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  1. I'm taking 70mg daily. My derm raved about Absorica too. It's supposed to be the latest and greatest, like the new brand name now that Accutane isn't made anymore. I'm wondering if it's a bit overrated. Amnesteem seemed to work better for me.
  2. @OilyAcneQueen (idk how to quote on here) Happy to hear it worked well for you. I feel like I'm taking a sugar pill haha I can't remember what my cumulative dose is, but I don't remember it being quite as high as yours. It's 1?? something mg/kg but I can't remember exactly. My derm has said it's above the normal recommended dose, but she said the reason she did that is because of what you pointed out - the new studies showing a higher dose early on makes the treatment more effective. Wh
  3. Has anyone else taken Absorica and it didn't work? I used to have severe acne (large cysts on face & neck), so I went on Accutane once before, but took the generic Amnesteem. It worked, maybe not as good as it should have but by the end of the treatment course my skin was clear. About a year later, I started getting bumps again, not as bad as I had before but still a problem. After dealing with that for about 6 months, I went on a second course, but this time I'm taking the "fancy"