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  1. yupie..maybe the antibiotics dun suits u... as i tink the probs i have not so serious as urs.. i stil can walk around n jump about after taking it..
  2. ermm did u all have an initial breakout when u first took the tablets?
  3. well.. i got slight gastric bud not so terrible.. i heard some of the antibiotics after taken will cause abit of gastric pain.. dats wat my doc said.. did u take it after food?
  4. yeah.. i slpt sideways.. wif side of my face on the pillow.. guess dat is part of the reasons of my outbreak.. sucksssssss
  5. so wats the most useful way to let the skin absorb the product.. massage it softly? pls advise i abit dumb abt such stuffs
  6. Arghhhhh i tink my pillow cause me to have more pimples... out of the blue.. nxt day i had a few acnes around my cheek bones!!! sucks...
  7. most of people i saw r using accutane.. is it better den others antibiotics? anyway.. sorry for asking dumb q... wats the purpose of antibiotics.. prevent more acnes to pop out? or it will help to heal it?
  8. i meant ermm.. whenever i had pimples or acne.. they will always advise to drink more water... will it prevent breakout?
  9. as the brand said.. it is OIL... it seriously makes ur face feel uncomfortable... it caused me more severe breakouts.. beware of it.. its not as good as it said in advertisement..
  10. Hihi.. i heard from docs dat drinking water will help to prevent pimples.. or somehow or another cure it.. ermm.. can anyone explain this part to me? and anyone tried Erythromycin E.E.S b4.. can tell me about the results? thankssssssssssss
  11. lol.. i got my acne moving frm my left cheek to the right.. den from the right to the left... arghhhhhhhhhhhh ](*,)
  12. my fren advised me to have a bowl of salt water... lots of salt.. mixed with some water to form a paste.. put it onto a facial wool.. den stick it on ur face overnite.. she said it be pain though... bud nxt day the pimple or acne will not be so swollen as before.. maybe u all try it, take it off if u felt uncomfortable i tried a few times, my face will be abit of burning hot.. n my acne will like a heart beating.... lol.. u will noe how i feel if u tried it
  13. i realise it wil be less swollen if u dip into salty water for a long time.. softer i mean..
  14. if i had huge outbreak, nobody can pull me out of my house...
  15. i had completely clear skin until age of 17.. suddenly outbreak and i have pimples, acnes and scars all kinda of outbreaks until now.. 22.. still couldn't figure out y... given up on gers.. as when they look at my face.. *BAHHHHHH so wats the point... gona hide in my home for my whole life...