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  1. So I waited a bit too long to update this thing haha. I did end up going to the dermatologist and was prescribed 100 mg Doxycycline and Epiduo. Both are used every night and I am very diligent of wearing sunscreen and staying out of the sun. My forehead and nose area are completely smooth and clear while my chin and cheek area are still feeling the initial breakout. Although, the chin area is probably more reactive to friction and fabric material and hence the irritation. I have not lost hope ye
  2. So this has been a long time coming and I wish I had done this numerous years back but I am finally going to a dermatologist tomorrow. I am fortunate to not have experienced severe acne but have always had small breakouts that do not really bother me. Until mid December when I began to breakout. At first I thought it was due to my diet (since ya know winter brings the holidays and the holidays bring goodies) but I do not really eat anything of large quantity and not for very long because I try t