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  1. I avoid talkign about it at all costs, unless asked about it, or someone starts to mention it. I find all the stuff, self confidence issues associated with it put a strain on any relationship you have with people.
  2. Ive found girls to not be so bad, although having body scarring and having to explain about it kinda does hold one self back. Gay boys are pretty bad, a lot worse than girls. Most wont even give you a first look let alone a second if you arent pretty enough. Doesnt matter how confident you are.
  3. I was 15 when i first tried it, didnt do anything for me. Have cystic acne. Tried it again at 23, over a year and a half after coming off Isotretinoin (Accutane) again, it really didnt do anything for me.
  4. How the other person looks doesnt really affect how i feel, im generally very self concious, plus ive never met anyone in person whos had acne to a similar level of my own....
  5. Id say youre almost guarenteed to get the dry lips, as for the others, it varies from person to person. I know it sounds pretty bad, but its something you need to weigh the pros and cons about. For me personally i got the chapped lips, very dry skin, sensitivity to light, itchy eyes, the odd nose bleed. Soem of these actually only lasted for a bit. For the internal worries, they will be monitoring your blood (well, my derm did) so they will be be keeping an eye on you.
  6. Ive been going through many posts and it seems like the main body form of acne is mainly back and chest. Was i really unlucky enough to get it on my face, neck, scalp, back, chest and bottom?
  7. Well, what im trying to say is that your dermatologist (who im guessing specialises in skin conditions and the drugs associated with them) has told you to stop, so why go against his specialist request? However it seems like you dont want to heed his advice, so i'll let you know that i was on Differin Gel and Duac cream whist on Accutane, but stopped as it never really made much difference to me anyway.
  8. If your dermatologist told you to do something, why refute it? :S
  9. Surprising how many people also find it hard to get decent treatment, especially when you have to go through many other antibiotics. I saw my GP for two years trying about 4 different tetracycline based drugs before being referred to a dermatologist. Even then i had to try another 3 antibiotics, over a period of a year and a half before they finally gave in and put me on Isotretinoin. Worse thing is i had cysts over my face, neck, back and chest, was covered in oily skin, but they seemed so res
  10. I was on it for about 5 months, and after comming off it, my skin was excellent for at least 3 months, then the sebum returned, although not as bad as before and the quantity of cystic acne was lesser than before. A year after im back on it as the antibiotics seem to have no effect on me, and i still have cystic acne.
  11. Its pretty to 'not' be anti social, especically when you have bad skin pretty much all over your body due to some stupid thing called acne. I guess id probably be the same if it were just my face, but seeing the damage it and the medication has done to my body is quite disheartening. Makes all those intimate situations pretty much impossible....
  12. I bought some nivea for men Oil Control Moisturiser, I found prior to going on to Isotretinoin i would break out quite a bit, however on it, it seems to be fine. I find when putting it on raw washed skin it can sting quite a bit (possibly due to the increased sensitivity of Isotretinoin) and the smell is quite overpowering. In the end i think it depends on how sensitive your skin is, i find the womens range is actually a lot better if you find your skin breaks out a lot with lotions or stings
  13. Sorry didnt mean to offend, all i was saying is that it can be a pretty harsh place at times, just basing it on my opinion as well as those of the other people i know who use it. Good luck.
  14. I thought i was pretty depressive compared to most people i know, but ive come here and read how depressed people are about their acne, how some would like to commit suicide, and i wonder maybe im not as bad as i thought. I feel pretty bad every day, because not only do i have acne on my face, but all over my back, chest and at time my bottom. The worse part is not the pain from being unable to sit or lie down, its not the fact my family are sick of my anti social behaviour, its not the fact iv
  15. Unfortunately not, it has to be given out by a dermatologist. (edit: should have said, if youre in the UK) Your options are limited, you could request to see another, or go private and pay through the nose. I dont think its illegal, its just due to the severity of the side affects associated with the drug, they would want to/need to monitor certain vitals.