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  1. Like the person above said, I use honey on my skin and it really helps to sooth and mosturize it! Use raw organic honey. Another thing I've done is iced my face. I personally take an ice pack, wrap in in a clean dishtowel and I place it on my (clean) face. It won't help with the washing lol but it has helped me with itchiness in the past! Try to keep your skin mosturized but don't use a thick mosturizer, that can clog up the pores even more. Good luck!
  2. I've been putting raw organic honey on my face after washing it and leaving it on for about 10 minutes and it's been working wonders! I've been doing this for about 3 weeks now and I've seen major improvements. Honey mosturizes skin and can help with hyperpigmentation, it has natural antioxidants and other benefits that I cant recall off the top of my head. You can also try an almond honey mask that is great for exfoliating Here's a link for that:
  3. I used to have severe breakouts about two years ago. I radically changed my diet and began working out, and I was happy and healthy and got rid of my acne. All of last year, my skin was clear. It felt amazing. At the end of summer 2013, I began noticing little breakouts. I thought they would go away. I wasn't eating very healthy and I was drinking though. When school started, I became more and more stressed and worked out less and less. I began breaking out, my skin began spiraling out of con
  4. Acnestrugglesreal

    My acne

    Don't know how my cheeks got like this, so stressed and working hard to get them clear.