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  1. Did it ever occur to you that maybe I didn't start this log just for YOU to read, and if you don't want to read it then just don't click on it, it's pretty simple. Now get the fuck outta my log you negative mother fucker. Take your depression elsewhere, go cry in your sleep or whatever you dumb fucks do, I only want positive people in here.
  2. Day 34 Skin has been behaving sensationally. Im still getting the odd small pimple come through but on the whole its looking well. Eyes are a tad dry, but nothing bothersome, and lips are very slightly chapped, hardly anything and chapstick fixes that easily. I have even been eating like a bastard lately, taking supplements for working out, all of which used to break me out like crazy, and now it does nothing. I am really loving this treatment so far. Fingers crossed it can continue.
  3. Im not sure what affect alcohol has on this low dose. But I can tell you that I have been drinking every weekend since I started with no problems at all so I guess it is ok. :dance:
  4. Eat foods high in Fibre. That will sort out your intestinal problems naturally and quickly.
  5. I have heard other members on here mention using something called neosporin to help heal. Maybe you should look into that.
  6. Fruit is definately good for you but some fruits are very high in sugar levels so be carefull.
  7. Too much OJ will rot your teeth. Just a thought for the future.
  8. I like to let the water hit my face hard, It is soothing and helps to spread the blood flow.
  9. how sad. Seconded, if you made 4500 posts in one month you need a new hobby.
  10. Nice new page Dan. Your website is incredibly professional, well done.
  11. I think Paula's Choice already has that market covered.
  12. I guess it is like any disorder. I find that if someone hasd osmething different about them it is hard for me not to look at what it is, I even find that I have to consciously force myself to look away. So i guess I can understand why people look at acne that way.