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  1. Glad I gave this a second shot

    I am so pleased with the results of this medication. I was actually prescribed this about two years ago but stopped after two weeks because I found the medication made me super lethargic the first time (100 mg). I think the issue is it was too high to start out on.  I recently went back on this in September because my jaw acne was getting bad again. I have tried everything under the sun over the years (been dealing with acne on and off for 14+ years), and I had never given this a good go. I
  2. 8 WEEKS going strong

    Dealt with acne for 12+ years, on and off. Some years are worse than others. Last two years acne has really settled in lower cheeks and jawline so probably hormonal. Went on spiro around the time I started retin A, however I cut that about 3 weeks ago because it just left me with absolutely no energy and constant headaches- i know my progress is from retin a though because spiro usually takes 3-6 months to work. Anyways, Retin A. I started with every second day but that was making my skin oily a
  3. Green Tea definitely works - Make sure its quality though!!

    This definitely worked for me- it could be the combo of cutting out my daily coffee and replacing it with green tea, but either way I know this has contributed to my glowing skin. I have been drinking several cups of green tea for about two weeks now, and I noticed immediately a decrease in sebum (my skin gets very oily), and I haven't had any new breakouts occurring. I'm really happy with the results and will continue to drink this daily. Word of caution, make sure yours is quality green tea, n
  4. Hi Everyone!! Wow it's been a long time. Sorry about that guys. I've been wanting to do an update for a while now but things have been so hectic. I think this will be my final update for this blog, since I no longer use Estroblock. First off, it definitely worked for me, hands down. I actually stopped taking it back in January 2018 because I got so busy with things I just forgot to take it daily and my skin was completely clear at that time (and I even had a whole lotta stress at the same t
  5. Hey Bellacat, thats strange. Maybe 2 estro pro pills is too much? I haven't heard of anyone that took more than one of them, but i think its possible. Perhaps its too much for your system... or its just detoxing a lot out of you. Did you start out at less pills/estro regular strength before doing two pills of the pro? Id suggest personally reaching out to the company and asking them, I believe they provide feedback and try to help tailor to what your experiencing I also should make a note he
  6. BEST natural alternative to accutane!!!

    This is what I'm calling my natural alternative to accutane. Just before I took the tane (actually during the first 2 weeks of it) I decided to give estroblock a try because I way prefer to put natural stuff in my body, and accutane scares the heck out of me. Im so glad I did because I have just finished 5 months on this and can successfully say I have had no breakouts since starting this, only 3 or 4 pimples. Using in conjunction with a facial cleansing brush is probably really helping, but EB
  7. Game Changer

    This is completely unsponsored and I want to make that clear up front cause I happen to know this company tries to promote through many sponsors on youtube. Even though they were sponsored I somehow wanted to give a facial brush a try without dishing out the money for a clarisonic. I had friends who said the clarisonic was a mega help for their skin and they wouldn't go without it. Anyways, this spin brush has been the best (and much safer) alternative to the chemical peel products I used too of
  8. Hi Everyone, Peace and Love to you guys. I hope your journeys have been positive since the last time I posted. I am so sorry for waiting so long to update. Perhaps it's a testament to how well estroblock has been working for me!! Apart from a healthy summer in the sun, I really truly believe estro block is NOT a gimmick. I have had perhaps 3 or 4 pimples in the past 5 months of being on estroblock, but no breakout what so ever... I noticed my skin had the best results (not just clear but glow
  9. Hi Everyone, I just want to update on Estroblock. I’ve been taking two pills a day now, and I’ve just finished my 3rd week. My skin is doing really well, I’ve only got around 5 or so that have surfaced since beginning this three weeks ago, and I think the main reason was because I was not taking a liver detox sup with it which is recommended to aid in detoxification. Im also in the middle of final exams, so a pimple or two will be normal with stress as high as Dubai’s tallest tower,
  10. That is so interesting thanks so much for all the info- you sound like you know your stuff in this area its awesome!! Yes I absolutely believe I have PCOS now because I have a lot of symptoms of it, but the doctor has never diagnosed me. Do you know if PCOS is linked with thyroid issues? they run in my family but my thyroid panel comes up as normal (I've had blood checks for this as well as hormones several times, always normal). Im really skeptical though cause I have always been underweight fo
  11. Hi HarleyZ, Thanks so much for the words. It's nice to know there are others out there that feel my pain too (even though I wish you guys didn't have to deal with it either!!). I completely agree, Im mad often at being handed this, but I continually remind myself that this seems horrible because its the worst I have to deal with and there are others out there with a far shorter end of the stick. I absolutely hear you, I think our medical system should be a lot closer to the psychology stream,
  12. smiles23

    Will update in a month

    Will update in a month

    First week in, no new pimples. Reviews seem too good to be true. I hope this is it, as accutane is the next step. Please work for me estroblock!!! See the reviews on amazon. Sounds like incredible stuff. Ill post back soon! Ps- it says take with liver support supplement to aid in detoxification... better results
  13. Hi everyone, Thanks to those still checking in on this blog post. Hopefully my journey with various things I try has been helping some of you out. I just wanted to update that I stop taking accutane about 1.5 weeks in for personal reasons. Every day I took a pill I felt something in my gut that told me it wasn't the right thing to do. wouldn't solve the actual root issue. My results for 1.5 weeks alone were great though. all my acne disappeared except a few small cysts w
  14. I agree, every drug will have its side effects. If i can find something natural though, I truly believe its the healthiest way. I think the gassiness was actually due to an almond milk allergy I just found out about (how funny, I thought I was doing myself a favour by cutting out milk!) but I notice hair loss. Not sure if it can start that fast (first 2 weeks of accutane) but I decided to stop the medication for now and keep trying natural stuff. I think I'm too much of a hypochondriac to take a
  15. So I finally took the plunge, That being said, I am not sure if I will continue. So I've been on accutane for 1 week. 20mg once a day. Hardly any dryness yet, lips aren't chapped but Im a moisturizer kind of girl anyways so maybe Im just on top of it. light nosebleed tonight, sore inside the nose from blowing too hard I think. headaches and tiredness initially but i think it was more psychological than anything. tons of water drinking solves the headaches. Skin is actually more oily but it ma