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  1. Ok my doctr finally is gona give me accutane, i'm excited because i can fianlly get rid of this horrible disease. I'm gonna get a blood test in a couple of days, and i really want it to go well. Lately i've had a horrible diet (cake,sugar,fat) without much sleep. Will this effect my bloodtest????? I really want it to work out right, would eating only vegetables for a day or two help? I know they test lipids, and you can get too many bad lipids from bad diet, but does this take years or will my r
  2. LOL this so stupid. You want to eliminate acne becuase of girls right? or so you can find a relationship? Obviously its not so you look good for your friends or family. So you stop masturbating and your face clears.... Alright you got a clear face and now you can get a girl, so you get one. So now you have a girl but you can't do what makes the realtonship great, sex!!! Obviously this is going to be the best part of the relationship because she's shallow (you couldn't get her with acne) and that
  3. Denise, I suggest you give up trying to defend the matter, because both of you will just keep arguing, Ben won't accept liverflushing no matter what you say. So for those of you that are interested yuo may find more about this stuff at curezone.com, but really i still suggest you get guidance from a hollistic doctor with a phd first, curezone isn't a bunch of nuts but they are unqualified to give any specidic advice on many problems, heck they are jsut people at their comps like me. I love the
  4. I am in no way belittling the effect that holistic choices of members of this board have had on them. Heck look at all the stuff I have done, obviosly i must support it to a point and support healthy lifestyles. My problem is that i have seen many members of the board post numerous times how "medical science is a joke it could never help anyone" and this is ridiculous. Denise I understand you don't feel that way, and since you're already an experienced flusher and have cured your acne its your c
  5. I once was a great advocate of both liverflushing, fasting, and many other hollistic medicines.. I really don't pay much attention to it now. Ben, I have done 21 flushes, 4 master cleanses (each over 10 days), bowel cleanses in between flushes, parasite cleanses (with probiotic), plus kept a diet of whole wheat, veggies, fruit, no sugar, low carb, no milk, no red meat. Do you know what i realized throughout all of this, I had become obsessed, very mentally obsessed. Being healthy is fine but i t
  6. Well i'm definetly never using BP ever again, my face hurts so bad right now, like almost crying pain. I can't eat my skin is so tight it won't let me chew, and when i tried to laugh i couldn't open my mouth like my jaw was bound shut. I can't talk right, i have to mumble. This is so horrible.
  7. Am I allergic to BP??? So far i've only applied Bp 3 times for the last day and a half (morning and night). At first my face had become severely red and burns all over. Now since i've stopped application, it has taking on a really dark tan look and looks really crusty and feels tight, like i killed the top layer of my skin. I did not apply too much i applied the bare minimum because my skin is sensitive. I moisturize and follow the regimen to a T. The moisturizer just makes my skin burn horribly
  8. it is possible to flush stones on a master cleanse howver thsi is usually only probable with an extended one of over 10 days, so most likely they weren't.
  9. make sure it says specifically grade B, ask around health stores.
  10. By the way if fibre is soemthing you feel you need during this, you are allowed to drink psylium and bentonite shakes (basically pure fibre). Ask me if you really want to know how to make them. In fact many peopel couple these shakes with a parasite cleanse on the MC and it is then referred to as the "Ultimate Cleanse." Ask me for more info. Also common sense dictates that when you recieve everything your body needs without unnecessary digestion and nothing your body doesn't need. Your going to
  11. Oh well you all do what you want, don't really care. Guess people can learn from their own ignorance. As much as you say laxative tea is harmful, the saltwater flush has been shown to have much more harmful cramping effects in most people, so the laxative tea is more preferable. I find it funny how people on the website act like they know what they are talking about without even performing the actual fast correctly. Its fine that you drink vegetable broth and juices during the lemonade, but plea
  12. Doopie please do not advocate stuff you know nothing about. You are a newbie to the MC and its understandable that you know very little about it, but plz do not give people ill, even dangerous advice. You must use herbal laxatives, you do not have to use them twice a day but if you don't make sure you at least saltwater flush once a day. You do not want those toxins to stay in your body, more bowel movements then normal are needed to carry out this process. Herbal teas are fine they do not harm
  13. Ok I've been on the mc 4 times so i think i can help. First of all, if your underweight jsut add lots of syup thats all there is too it. Everything in the recipe is adjustable except for the lemon juice. I always lose weight on the fast and i'm a skinny guy, don't worry about it, just add more syrup. Second, sypmtoms very like crazy, some people do the whole thing without even a tummy ache, while others like me get headaches, weakness, feeling very tired. Yuo just have to deal with especially if
  14. Well its good that you bought the book The Master Cleanser., but from what you said you might want to try it again and go by the book. You need to do the master cleanse for at least 10 days to get the full effect, and eating is an absolute no no. Did you read the book?? I suggest going to curezone. com they have a forum on the mc and its very helpful. I have done the mc 4 times, heh and still have acne, but it has subsided alot. Right now i'm into water fasting which is a way to actually deeper