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  1. My scarring is similar, possibly worse... i don't know what to do either. *sits here and waits for someone else to answer* I tried chemical peels but I think that just helped with some hyper-pigmentation. I just ordered a derma roller online and going to see if it helps me without making me break out more.
  2. its been two months since my last post. I still get breakouts, but I think the major part of the battle is over. Just stuck waiting for these scars to heal. So conclusion: Spiro did NOT work for me! Sprintec (bcps) helped me a lot! Saw Palmetto helped! Chemical Peels take a long time but I believe they are helpful in the long run.
  3. That's great that the spiro works for you! Unfortunately I had a lot of cysts before the spiro and things got so much worse after I started the spiro. I gave it some time, but it seemed like my face only got better as I stopped it My face is probably back to my pre-spiro state right now, which for me is a lott better than how it looked on Spiro. So, I'm slightly regretting starting it because now I have a lot of discoloration and still have a few cysts (mainly where I had them pre-spiro which i
  4. Week 12: I feel like I have been changing my routine a lot in the last few weeks. A few days ago, I dropped spiro completely and replaced it with 480mg of Saw Palmetto extract since I felt like it wasn't the main thing helping my skin and figured saw palmetto was a close equivalent without the blood pressure changing side effect. I feel like the bcp had helped stabilize me enough on its own. I haven't had many new breakouts since the bcp and feel like taking doxy a little longer might help me. S
  5. Hey Valerie, Has the Spiro helped you at all since you first started or are you still waiting for any results?
  6. Week 11 (tomorrow): So, this last week or two, has been pretty good. A lot of cysts have gone down and I'm just left with a lot of redness. I'm far from cured. Still counting about 20 actives on my face alone and my shoulders are at its worst with cysts, but the really large clumps of cysts have gone down. As of right now, I told myself, if i do not get worse before my next appointment (which is in two weeks), I'm holding off on the accutane. I'm still taking the Spiro at 25mg but I think the th
  7. I've been on the generic Spiro (it doesn't have a brand name). I started with 50mg but now I dropped down to 25mg about 2 weeks ago. I'm a little over 10 weeks now (2.5 months) taking it and got a terrible initial breakout. Once I started taking doxy and bcp's, my face started to calm down a bit but I'm stuck with a lot of ugly red marks. I posted pictures in my gallery of the change my skin went through over the first 2 months. I think I'm kind of a rare exception that my face broke out so bad
  8. Good Luck with the Spiro. From what I hear, it takes a while for it to kick in. Be carefully not to up your dose too fast tho because my theory is, if you have very hormonal acne, your face will break out bad from the rapid change. My skin is really sensitive so just 50mg made my face get progressively worse within 2 months with huge cysts and I'm dealing with a problem that 10x worse now. However, if you've been at this dose for 20 days and have not gotten too much worse, then you should be do
  9. Cellardoor9

    Spironolactone Log

    Figured I'd make a Spiro photo log in the hopes that it would help others determine if they should start it or not. -23yr old female, severe cystic acne on jawline and neck
  10. I'm just going to warn you...

    Didn't stay on long enough to see positive results A higher dose of spiro might help me but I just can't take that risk right now. Veryy extreme initial breakout even with only 50mg (pics in my gallery if you want to see) over 2 month later taking Spiro and my face is much worse then when i started felt a little dizzy and thirsty in the first few weeks. also feel heart beat race sometimes, but that goes away mostly So, I've been on Spironolactone for a little over 2 months now. My doctor suggest
  11. Week 9: So, sadly this is probably the end of my journey with Spiro... I would have gave it more time if it didn't make my face explode past the point of natural recovery. I can't live like this waiting for it to work even tho im pretty much going to be waiting with accutane too... =[ My last pill will probably be in a week from now when my prescription runs out. I'm thinking of switching to more natural anti- androgen such as saw palmetto and a strict spearment tea/ low androgen diet regime.
  12. My theory is that any hormonal change, natural by your body or through medication, can cause acne to be worse. Ortho tri cyclen is a triphasic birth control meaning the hormonal amounts change depending on the pill which can make acne actually worse for some. I've always tried to stay on a monophasic birth control such as yaz, yasmin or ortho cyclen. If Spiro was helping you, I'd go back on it at a lower dose depending on how much it actually helped your acne. If it was a significant differenc
  13. I wish I could do both but my dermatologist is making me choose and both my PA and dermatologist both want me on accutane even tho they now know I have pcos. They are convinced that the Spiro isn't going to make that significant an improvement and they don't want to up my dose so I'm sure 50mg isnt going to significantly improve me. I said I'd do accutane even tho part of me is still unsure about it =[ I just dont want this skin anymore. I'm starting to taper down, ive been on 25mg the last few
  14. Week 8: So things seems to be stabilizing a bit, not really better, not worse.. I went to my gyno to get some words of advice about my pcos and she pretty much told me nothing. Said she knew already that I had it (which was a lie because when I asked earlier she said nothing and didn't even tell me to get the sonogram to check). Asked her what I could do to help it and she said, since I didn't need to lose weight, there was nothing I could do. So, I asked for birth control and she tried to blind
  15. Sad.... I might have to go on tane Was never on it but I know I'm going to be one of those people that gets every possible side effect on it because my body is prone to breaking down on me. Always feeling so angry lately when I know there's nothing I can do.