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  1. Would appreciate more advice from anyone in terms of what is it a good frequency of use the AHA for my face and back.
  2. Thanks, really appreciate the advice I recently ordered the AHA product from this website and was quite unsure how often I should be using it but I'll follow your recommendation of 2 times per week.
  3. Introduction Quite new to all of this, so I'll start of by introducing myself - I'm Daniel and 18 years old. Evidently by embarking on this blog, I'm sure you've guessed I've had an uphill battle with acne, roughly since the onset of puberty. A bit about my background is that I'm of African heritage, Nigerian to be specific and born and bred in England, I've researched a bit into the epidemiology of acne relating to ethnicity, and I'm aware there are certain things my skin type is more prone to