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  1. ok, so i showed the tca cross to my derm and i was really excited when she told me she would try it. but then she told me that she's gonna use glycolic instead because it's imported and she doesnt have any imported tca as of the moment. i want to tell her to get one at ebay or somehting. anyway she told me that the acids are the same. well from what i know, glycolic cant neutralize itself like tca can... i brought this up and she said no no no of course it can so im confused.. should i gi
  2. so kaiofthesun, are you planning to do tca just once for a year? did dobry say that its best done that way?
  3. i was just wondering, why is it so important to apply the tca only at the center of rolling or boxcar scars? what happens if i apply it on the boundaries of the boxcar/rolling scar area?
  4. hang in there emmanuel and good luck finding a job... this whole "pursuit" could be darn frustrating. sometimes i feel so hopeful bout the possibilities but there are times when i wish i could just cease thinking about my skin for a change. id like to be able to transcend to other things like having fun or doing charity or whatever as long as i wont be worried bout my skin. i wonder how it feels like to live life without the worry of skin problems always at the back of my head.
  5. ok, i finally found a derm who seems to know a lot about acne scars... she recommended CO2 but i said no i want TCA cross. the thing is she said she started doing tca cross since 2000, and was surprised when koreans called it "new" in their study. now what she recommends is basically a mixture of IPL, deep microdermabrasions and TCA Cross, she says there are times when she would do all 3 in one visit. i like this doc because she seems to have high standards, and shes the first doc who didnt
  6. i was re reading my last post and i just realized the derm cant spell. can she be faking it? i looked her up on the net, say shes been trained at the U.S... im excited but nervous at the same time... her credentials seem good but if shes that good why cant she spell right and her errors dont seem like typos to me. Her clinic's name is zskin zclininc... i might be getting paranoid but hey, one can never be so sure....sorry i just had to vent out everyhting even my tiniest doubts..
  7. hi guys!!!! i emailed another doc this morning and look what she has to say: ---------------------- I've been doing the TCA scars reconstruction technic for over 6 months and results are fantastic! For deep scars, 6 monthly treatmesnts almost totally eliminate the scars especially the ice pick scars. The soft-contoured scars i inject with a perment dermal filler so one treatment eliminates them. There is no downtime. And the charge is very reasonable compared to lasers without any side e
  8. n2b.... i wish you the best of luck!!!!!!!! be sure to talk thoroughly with those people before going through the procedure so you know what to expect... u seem to be on the right track.. there are several treatments required but i do hope that in the end, this is the cure you've been waiting for. i'll be praying for you. as for me, im still trying to contact that derm. hehe, yeah, it does sound like one of those disappearing acts in urban legends i got in touch with one of her patie
  9. imbue.. thats nice to hear youve given us hope here im eager to start the local tca... cant find the derm who claims to do it though. she gave me her phone # and when i call it no one really answers and i called up the hospital and inquired about her.. they said they dont have a doctor with her name.... kinda makes me wonder if im dealing with a fakester or something. its giving me the creeps.
  10. attractive, you just aroused some heavy emotions within me... i felt excatly the same back in middle and early parts of high school. girl, trust me it does get better... but with your permission. be open to more beautiful things. im glad to hear you're feeling better. believe me you are gonna emerge from there with a massive amount of self awareness. hehe. i remember having a bad day at school back in sophomore high school. then i came home and i played with hte internet for the first time i
  11. ever heard of the concept of shadow belief? it says that our deepest beliefs are manifested in our realities EXAMPLE: if i truly, deeply believe that people will always hate me, i will gravitate toward people who actually does hate me.. if ever i stumble upon someone who likes me... i will feel extremely uncomfortable because it doesnt follow the pattern. simply put, we act according to our beliefs. we subconsciously act to fulfill our expectations. anyway, i guess this is what hap
  12. listen. i know its hard and all. ive had acne since i was 11, i went to the dermatologist when i was 15.. she cleaned my face every month and i had to stick with her topicals for a couple of years. actually i still use a couple of her products now... acne ruined my life and now im looking for solution to my scarring... it cliched but i do believe it all bout the attitude.. i look back to all that i have missed out on as a 13 yr old and i dont wanna have the same regret when in 25 or something
  13. shucks... i miss being a pre teen im 18 just today (yehey!!!) and in my culture its supposed to be the big "coming out" party. 18 year olds here usually have huge parties/balls. but im typing this thing so that tells you how fun this day is for me.
  14. hi there n2b!!! its a good thing you started this thread, youre right... there isnt really much info about icepicks. i have several on my right cheek, and a few on the forehead and on the left cheek. it seems 2 me that the local tca is the closest to the best solution... its funny cause i though its not being done in my country yet, so i emailed a derm explaining to her the procedure and begging her to do it on me. my letter was quite long with all the links about CROSS TCA. the derm repl
  15. you know what.. i have the same theory....i live in a pretty polluted city. my college is an hour away from my house and i have to commute everyday. heres what i've noticed: -ive noticed that those people who never commute- who have chauffers and cars that take them to wherever they want to go.. i dont know any of them who has acne. -when commuting under horrendous air pollution of car fumes, i notice a lot of skin problems among other commuters. actually, people with severe skin problems