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  1. I have to agree with Brandy. It is just upsetting to your skin. Give it some time, it should all work out. Especially if you used it before and it worked. Deb
  2. Why did you switch back to Eucerin if Neutrogena was working so well?
  3. Hi, Okay... bad news- kinda. I called the 800 number and they told me that the website was updated and didn't include that section (the one to submit comments) anymore; however, if everyone from this site would take a minute, and it really only takes a minute, and call this number 1-800-227-4703, they will review it and the end of the month. When you call, you actually talk to a live person-- it's nice. Just state that you would like to have it noted that you are requesting the "Skin renew
  4. I use the proactiv bp and LOVE it. Yes, you can buy it alone-- eBay has a ton of it, or call the 800 number. Why switch if it is working so well? "Don't try to fix it if it ain't broke"
  5. I can't either, I am still looking and when (and if) I do find it again, I will post it. I am going to try calling the number and see what I can come up with through that venue.
  6. Oh NOOOOOO, I don't know what happened to the link? Let me see what I can figure out. I hope it didn't just vanish into cyberspace...
  7. Ok, I see that there has been lots of posts lately about this moisturizer being discontinued so I thought I would re-introduce this link. I think if they are bombarded with requests to not discontinue this, well- maybe they won't? I dunno... it is worth a try.
  8. I found this at Costco (used to be Price Club) but have seen it on eBay. I am not sure how I feel about buying lotion from eBay that is going on my face??? I used it last night and it seems to work well but I don't want to say anything either way at least for a week. I will keep you posted. In the meantime, if anyone else has heard of it or used it....please post your thoughts on AmLactin. THank you.
  9. I found a moisturizer called Amlactin and it has 12% Lactic acid with no SPF. I have a hard time using SPF and have been looking for a moisturizer like Dan recomends but without the SPF. I do like the Eucerin but the SPF has caused some issues. Has anyone heard of or used Amlacton? Did you like it?
  10. I just switched from Proactiv as well. I used it for about 2 years and then all of a sudden, it just quit working for me. I am new here but from what I have read, you should use a GENTLE cleanser and the proactiv cleanser is not what I would consider gentle. The proactiv repairing lotion works beautifully for the bp part of the process. Good luck!
  11. Hey, I have a TON of Proactiv left over because I used it for a long time and then it just quit working. I hated to throw it away so I gave it a shot with the Proactiv BP and Dan's reg., it worked really well! It DID sting and turn my face red for a while but I mustered up the strength to get through it and I am so happy that I did. Now I feel better knowing that I didn't wast money and it works just fine. FYI, I also use the Eucerin AHA body lotion on my face at night. It is VERY, VERY,
  12. Hi, You said that using Eucerin made you greasy, right? And the Neutrogena makes you dry, right? Well, maybe use the Eucerin at night (when it's ok to be greasier) and the Neutrogena during the day. Maybe they will complement each other? Just a thought...
  13. Hi, You can buy the Eucerin lotion on eBay if you are an eBay user. You can also get the BP there as well. I am not sure of the cleansers but I would think you should be able to get that also. I am an ebay junkie so I always check there. Good luck in finding the products.
  14. Hi, I found a link to eucerin where they are asking for comments. I don't know if it will help but it never hurts to try. I see how many people like the Eucerin lotion and thought maybe we could all request for it not to be discontinued? I dunno, maybe it will do something. Anyway, here is that link. I already put in my request... http://www.eucerinus.com/buzz.html
  15. Yeah did anyone else feel that Eucerin made your face feel oily or oilier if you are already plegged with oily skin like myself. I need a new good safe for acne lotion with SPF in it. are you putting SPF in it dan? Hi, I am BRAND SPANKIN' NEW here but please consider making a nonSPF formula. I, unfortunately, can not use ANYTHING that has SPF- it makes me break out horrible and have been told that SPF can be irritating to some with acne issues.