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  1. Thanks, Aquasea and Melissa.
  2. I've been wondering for some time if BP could be contributing to some pre-mature aging I'm experiencing, including age spots and fine lines that are getting worse. I'm in my mid-thirties. Then I read something about how BP and anti-oxidants cancel each other out if you apply them topically at the same time. Since anti-oxidants are supposed to be good for keeping skin youthful, this information renewed my interest in the topic. But the last time I stopped BP, I was horrified by the break-outs
  3. That is wonderful! You say you've been getting treated for one and a half months. How long has your skin been clear? And would you describe your acne previously as mild, moderate, or severe? Thanks. And perhaps you could post back after a month and let us know if you're still clear - that would be great!
  4. This was so over the top insensitive that it made me laugh out loud. I hope you don't have kids or I would have to feel sorry for them!
  5. I started pantethine a week ago. It's related to B5 (pantothenic acid) but not identical. As soon as I can figure out how to get some pictures up, I'll do that. Background: I'm 33, female, had acne since early teens. I was on various antibiotics and topical treatments for a while, then two courses of Accutane along with birth control, then Proactiv, then I changed my diet and went "raw vegan" (mostly), then Nature's Cure pills, then zinc supplements, and now I've been on Dan's regimen for a
  6. reba

    Anti Acne Tea

    Tell us more about the tea!
  7. Hi yuzer, are you still trying the sea salt? Any observations yet?
  8. I have tried to use the search function to search for multiple words but the results aren't right. I want all the words to be in the post. The search help says to put a plus sign in front of each word if I want all the words to be in the post, but it doesn't seem to work that way for me. For example, I searched for: +bp +age +spot and got results with just spot, not age or bp. I experimented with quotes, too, and had a little success, but again, the plus sign didn't work. So when I searche
  9. Yeah, I've done that with the neosporin and a circle bandaid. It's been helpful at least half of the time and yes it does help the scab not be so harsh. I've only tried it with bp once and I can't really say if it helped.
  10. The new gel doesn't seem to work as well as the old gel for me either. I just ordered the newest gel w/ less preservatives and I hope it will help my skin again!