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  1. Have you tried shaking it up? My Big bottle lasts me quite a while as well 6-8 months and even at 8 months its still thick but I shake it up every once and awhile. Also what is room temp to you I noticed the closer my house gets to 80F usually in the Spring before I turn the AC on for the summer, the more liquidy my BP gets especially if I just get out of a hot shower on top of it, again shaking it helps thicken it a bit in that condition. Also a long while ago Dan posted that he keeps his BP i
  2. Just started using my new moisterizer I received last week and it's yellow and it bit more wattery then the last moisterizer I received last year which was white and a bit thicker. Is this normal? It's almost as if it has AHA in it, it faintly smells like AHA and it feels slightly tight on my skin / slight burning sensation.
  3. So I ran out regimen moisturizer and need something so I ran out to shop rite to purchase Neutrogena to hold me over. But as I was looking for that I saw a big jar of this St. Ives 10oz for $4.99. Hmm Non-Comedogenic, BINGO!! It does have mineral oil which worried me a bit but I've been using it for a week and its fantastic. I was expecting a bit of a breakout that occurs when switching products but nothing so far. Anyone else use this?
  4. Are you following the regime exactly as instructed? IE: Cleanser, wait at least 5mins, BP wait 5mins, then moisturizer. Also are you using Acne.org products or store bought. Finally avoid trying to pop or pick your face and be gentle when applying the regime products rub each step in lightly using your finger tips.
  5. I know a while back Dan was trying to formulate a moisturizer with sunblock I was wondering if there has been any headway on this or if it was abandoned for economical / logistical reasons?
  6. I can't remember how long I've been on, I remember Dan was still trying to perfect the 'Treatment' the first batch people were complaining that it was too flaky and then the next one too water, etc. And it was sold in tubes instead of bottles and the cleanser and moisturizer wasn't being sold yet either, just the 'treatment'. So whenever that was is how long I've been on the regime.
  7. ah just got AHA at the beginning of the month and I was just about to ask about this. I was thinking the balling up was my skin exfoliating...guess this isn't the case?
  8. Can someone tell me where AHA fits in to the regime. Yes I know its not necessary but I want to have perfect skin like Dan. Few questions I have, is AHA a replacement for the moisturizer? I read the FAQ which says it should be applied after BP also is AHA to be used everyday both morning and night? I've been on the regular regime for years to don't worry about me being newbie to BP.
  9. I can live with bottle just fine but I do like tubes better. The bottle dispenser makes a thinner line of gel on my finger so I have to guess and add a bit more. With the tube it came out thicker and the first 2 sections of my index finger would cover my checks, nose and chin and then a line on the first section would do my forehead. It would be cool if you could offer the bottles with a flip top like found on baby lotion that way I could just squeeze out the amount i need instead of relying
  10. http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...randFilter=8214 Been using this(Clean & Clear Oxygenating) instead of the normal neutrogena oil-free ive been using. THis stuff is nice and thick and rubs in real fast, doesnt leave my skin all greasy either. It does sting/tingle a bit though nothing major....figure that its tell me it working right. Like the first time u use SA....but nowhere near that bad.
  11. I'm a popper too, I actually glide my hand across my face and try to feel and bumps and go to town on them, I don't think I've ever got a whitehead, except for small pimples, cause I never gave them a chance. I just love hearing the loud snap and seeing the stream of pus fly out and splatter against the mirror. Although most of the time I just squeeze and squeeze and sort of get a blister on top of the zip and that rubs off and leaves raw skin covered zit. It looked like I had ebola sometimes