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  1. Has any1 used vanicream before? it says that it has no added fragrance but it definitely has some kind of odor and upon closer inspection it smells like butt.... wtf
  2. I always heard sugars can be used as preservatives. The glucose would not be able to lengthen the lifespan of the green tea antioxidants? the last two ingredients are supposedly antibacterial milk enzymes
  3. Saw this at Whole Foods recently.... has any1 used it? or brave enough to be the 1st to try? Ingredients water, Regu®-Seb (argania spinosa kernel extract, serenoa serrulata fruit extract, sesamum indicum (sesame) seed extract), cetearyl olivate and sorbitan olivate, methyl glucose, sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), green tea extract (camellia sinesis leaf extract), xanthan gum, glucose, glucose oxidase and lactoperoxidase. Episilk™ Skin Perfecting Lotion helps control oily skin and mi
  4. what are your thoughts on this article? *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. * This is not an article, it's an advertisement for an e-book. Topic closed.
  5. here is option 3 http://videoupsell.com/derma/backoffice/up...MS-N-S-44ml.jpg what do u think about the "cherry puree" and "black currant oil" in the option 4?
  6. OPTION 1 Hyaluronic Moisturizer - for normal to dry complexions, a lightweight cream to protect the surface of the skin from dehydration. Formulated for infusing nourishing lipids and humectants to support the cell matrix of the skin. Hydrating, firming and repairing the complexion when part of a daily regimen of hygiene! Formulation: water, caprylic/capric triglycerides, cetearyl glycoside, cetearyl alcohol, coco-caprylate/caprate, glycerin, cassia angustifolia seed polysaccharide, glycery
  7. ok heres my theory... many of us suffer from acne because of the sh*T we keep putting on our face ie different moisturizers which claim to be non comdedogenic but clog ur pores anyway, but if we stop applying our moisturizers we end up with dry skin so its like a catch 22 endless cycle...dont moisturize get dry skin. moisturize get acne WHAT IF.....u took natural hormone boosters such as ZMA & Tribulus.....theoretically these products would cause more acne (but thats IF you only suffer fr
  8. has any1 experienced jojoba oil making their skin even MORE dry to the point where if examined closely the skin looks kind of crepey and wrinkly? there is absolutely no plumping action with jojoba as a matter of fact it makes me look even drier than if i do not use anything at alll....obviously this is not seen right away im talking about the next morning if i apply it at night or if i apply it in the morning later on in the day... ugh frustrating!
  9. hey brenton i notice u say you changed ur moisturizer to aveeno daily moisturizing lotion... since u eat so healthy i was wondering why u dont worry about the chemicals in the aveeno lotion? Water, Glycerin, Distearyldimonium Chloride, Petrolatum, Isopropyl Palmitate, Cetyl Alcohol, Oat Flour (Avena Sativa), Benzyl Alcohol, Sodium Chloride esp the petrolatum..... has this lotion ever broken you out?
  10. can someone please educate me on why its better to take omega 3,6,9 together as opposed to just omega 3? i found a supplement from nordic natural sthat has omega 3,6,9 from fish oil and borage oil does anyone know if thats a good one? i also read that omega 7's from seabuckthorn oil is also really good for ur skin
  11. hey guys... i found these topical products containing niacinimide (5% niacinimide cream) http://www.amazon.com/NIA24-Strengthening-...ef=pd_sbs_hpc_2 (From a company called Nia -24) although it contains wheat germ oil which i think is pretty comedogenic? and alsoo http://www.swansonvitamins.com/SW1197/Item...il?n=4294967191 but this article scares me it says niacin taken internally can cause liver damage?! http://yarchive.net/med/niacin.html
  12. same thing happened to me i spent nearly a 1,000 dollars in tests only for them to say "u have eczema heres a steroid" fack!! i hate the medical system! what r u doing now to combat ur eczema and acne?
  13. ur skin must be looking good! what r u using? can u post pics
  14. last year suddenly and randomly i developed a massive onslaught of skin problems acne, eczema, weird spots etc. ive tried everything known to man and there are periods when im clear and i feel like i have my life back but then the shit just comes tumblign down and i start breaking out again or i start getting patches. its already been a year since ive been out of college and i dont do anything but sit on my ass all day on the computer researching ways to cure my skin problems and then getting e
  15. all the research ive read shows that sunflower oil is non comodogenic "0" while jojoba has a comodogenic rating of 0-2. so my question is why is jojoba oil included in the regimen over sunflower oil? is there something i dont know about jojoba oil which makes it more superior for skin use over sunfloweR?