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  1. Interesting post. Reminds me of the book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. It tells of how our thinking affect us in anything we do without us realizing it.
  2. Try exfoliating using baking soda 3-4x a week. After you wipe dry your face, apply generous amount of the aloe vera gel. I've been doing this for a month and my old red marks are fading away. No other regimen... but drink more water and do a bit of exercise. Oxygen circulation is good for overall health and skin.
  3. I've been on aloe for a month now. Initially I get the tiny white spots too and bumps on my face seems to break out. I think its just purging effect of aloe clearing impurities. I pop the spots and cover it with aloe. It healed and cleared right up. Now my skin are better, no more spots and pimple free so far.
  4. My simple, cheap and most convenient weight loss secret... 1) DRINK WATER 2) WALK A good estimate of how much you should drink daily is to take your body weight in pounds and divide that number in half. Drinking is good for your health (system) and your skin. Here's what I do. I bought a pretty nalgene water bottle (500ml) and have been carrying it around like baby bottle. I drink it often and whenever I feel like bingeing. It curbs hunger and suppress appetite. I eat 5x a day... a light br
  5. I believe aloe does give some purging effect. When I started, I used to have bumps that doesn't seemed to subside. After aloe treatment, it started to break out with pus. I let it be for a while till its ripe to pop. Once I pop n clean it with salt water solution, I applied aloe gel. It healed very well the next day and till now... no more bumps. All the bumps are gone. Aloe vera works on my skin
  6. I've been using FOTE for 3 weeks now. My breakouts have stopped and red marks are fading slowly. I love it so much that I want to grow my own plant. I'm trying to keep things as simple as possible. I exfoliate my skin 3 times a week using baking soda and uses FOTE twice a day. I apply it under my foundation and so far so good as it keeps my skin smooth and even to the foundation. I wash my fash with mild honey gel and if I don't use make-up, I just wash my face with water. Drink lots of wate
  7. Back to the topic Few weeks back, I packed up all the medications (BP, acne cleansers, acne scrubs, acne creams etc) all in a bag. Didn't realize I spent so much on stuff that didn't help at all but makes things worse. Its really a bag full I started going back to basics. I wash my fash with only water in the morning and at night I use honey gel as cleanser cos I wear make up to work. I moisturize my face later using aloe vera gel (Fruit of the Earth). The aloe vera gel is amazing. I can
  8. I think you are one the right track. I start breaking out last year in July and it freaks me out. Like most people, I reach out for any acne medications I can find in the market and I've tried lots. Now to think back, there may be few factors that contribute to the break out... stress and (drum roll plsss)... women's soft spot for new facial product So after piling loads of medications on my face and not getting result, its typical that one gets more and more desperate. I surf the net and stu