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  1. I do that on purpose. It's my good angle.
  2. Honestly, you have no idea how many times I get that in a normal day.
  3. From the album: Clear skin regimen, homie

    this was with make-up on. i've kinda trailed off with the clear skin regimen what-not. :/ (and yes, i do slober all over my bottom lip thank you.)
  4. Has anyone tried it? It was like thirty dollars for like three different tubes of stuff. Which is a little on the steep end. Mm. Yeah.
  5. The Clear Skin Regimen. I have to use the Neutrogena BP though, I can't order off the internet. My mom's a freak.
  6. Awwwwee :] Thanks. The Regimen, boo. It runs this shit.
  7. sickface

    Me feelin happy :)

    Aww. [: You're so cute.!
  8. Oh my lord. YOU NOTICED MY EYEBROWS? I'm pretty concerned that I have some sort of eyebrow problem/fetish. I spend an ungodly amount of time trying to fix mine. [other kids have hobbies..] & I constantly look at other peoples. Eeh, thank you. :]] I think we should be life partnas.
  9. Thanks. [: OH MY JESUS, let's get married. I love the avatar. So much to say you are indefinitely my soulmate.
  10. Awwe you're sweet. Thank you, babe. <3 It's appreciated.
  11. Oh girl please. [yeah, it called for it] Lol, thank you though =D
  12. Awwe, thanks, darling. :]
  13. I don't have any regimen suggestions [i know, I'm useless] but baby, you're beautiful. Don't lose hope, I promise you it will get better. [: I'm here if you'd ever like to talk. I'm fourteen, so I know what you mean.
  14. I got some sun & I didn't use any kind of sunscreen, and it worked out nicely for my face. So..I'd say go for it. Then again there's skin cancer to worry about.
  15. sickface

    Day 18.

    Aww, thank you darling [: You made me smile.
  16. Don't lose hope<3 I have faith for you.