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    art, spooning, & being unhealthy.
    that is all.
  1. Has anyone tried it? It was like thirty dollars for like three different tubes of stuff. Which is a little on the steep end. Mm. Yeah.
  2. sickface

    Almost 3 months on CSR Regimen... heres my story.

    I don't have any regimen suggestions [i know, I'm useless] but baby, you're beautiful. Don't lose hope, I promise you it will get better. [: I'm here if you'd ever like to talk. I'm fourteen, so I know what you mean.
  3. It takes like me like five minutes. ?
  4. I got some sun & I didn't use any kind of sunscreen, and it worked out nicely for my face. So..I'd say go for it. Then again there's skin cancer to worry about.
  5. sickface

    BP wash vs gel...

    Bleh. My mom viciously refuses.
  6. sickface

    What kind of acne do i have?

    I don't really know what kind of acne you have, but I do know the redness fades after a while & your face starts to clear up. :]
  7. sickface

    Damn bumps on the forehead

    MY GOD. I'm not the only one helping myself to the expensive Neutrogena shit. :] I stole two of them from Walgreen's the other day. Fuck, for eight dollars a tiny tube this should've been expected. & I know what you mean about those eraser marks. :/
  8. sickface

    Time - CSR takes a lot of it.

    I need to stop being lazy & put effort into the csr process.
  9. sickface

    Blackhead on FINGER?

    FFFuck oil glands.
  10. sickface

    After 3 Months on Regimine

    Eeep. I'm using cetaphil.. :/ It doesn't dry me out though. And I rarely even moisturize, too.
  11. sickface

    at the end of my fucking tether

    Aww, it's okay babyy. <3 Think positive, and what-not. It'll get better.
  12. sickface

    my dermatologist told me...

    One time I literally clumped 10% BP on my face [this was like the first time I'd ever put it on too] and left it there. I was nice & red by the mornnnn.
  13. sickface

    Mild Moderate & Severe

    I feel you, brah.
  14. sickface


    Whaaaaa My pee's dark a lot. I don't think I drink enough water.. Agh.