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  1. Hello everyone to those who read my blog, thank you! I would like to give Acne.org a big thank you as I felt like I wasnt alone when I was on Accutane. Anyways, life these days is just amazing. Honestly Life is good man, I can't complain. Looking back at the acne filled days gives me hope that everything in life does happen for a reason. Life these days consist of school, work and partying. I can finally say that my confidence these days is triple of what it used to be. I feel like I finally
  2. Hey everyone I'm back once again for another update... Lately I've been waking up and really just been worried about normal things in life instead of my breakouts or oily skin. I can feel my once old self slowly returning. I feel great knowing that I have absolutely no type of acne whatsoever. I can honestly say I am 90 % clear.. the 10 % is just a bit of marks and stuff that'll heal with time but DAMN DOES MY SKIN LOOK AMAZING. Today was my last day of taking 100 mgs as I go on a trip t
  3. Whats up everyone, like i said everything is going pretty well. My doc told me to stay for one more month (equaling 5 total) but I leave for vacation very soon in about a week so Im cutting it short one month. My face is pretty damn clear but this damn huge cyst in my ear is back not as bad but still hurt like hell. I might have to pop it late on but till now its just a bit swelled up. Honestly cant remember the last time i had one of those puss filled actives.. feels good to say that lol. C
  4. Well what can I say... I really needed this weekend, it showed me I can be my old self again. In the hot sun of Key Largo, FL, home to the biggest party during Memorial Day weekend, there was a man with 80 % of his face cleared up along with his trusty tools named confidence and swagger, pouring right out of him. Now we all know we hate seeing ourselves in the naked sun due to our marks and acne glistening out for everyone to see. However I was so much more confident with everything I did, I use
  5. Life is starting to really open up its door to me in the best possible way... My face although I am not completely 100% clear is getting so much better I would say 75% of it is clear if not a bit more. Man has accutane been a fucking journey but I have learned to appreciate the small things in life that some people take for granted like clear skin or the ability to not worry about oily skin when you're out and about. I went out last weekend and literally opened up a bunch of sets and got som
  6. Rocketman27

    Day 78

    Thanks I truly appreciate your response. It will get better especially once you hit the 3rd month mark I promise! Good luck
  7. Rocketman27

    Day 78

    Hello all, my face looks alot better like so much better i am 75% clear and on track. As for the huge cyst on my right ear lobe.... it has gone away after my derm stuck a needle and popped the sucker. After a couple of days its gone completely. I have started going out alot more with friends having a few drinks everything seems to be finally getting alot better. My confidence is soaring just because I dont have a pizza face anymore. I start month 4 and hopefully with gods will ill be clear by mi
  8. Rocketman27

    Day 16

    Keep going man, you'll be where I am at in no time. Accutane really is a downer at first im ngl but you gotta keep your chin up until you're over the hump then its breezing through it. Good luck!
  9. WOW!! Time has flown these past couple of days, anyways Ive been on 100 mgs for about two weeks now and my skin looks so much fucking better. Its incredible how adding just 20 mgs helps. My left part of the face is basically clear however my right looks so much better than it used to be. I will be post pics soon, I love the fact that Ive come this far and over the hump that people sometimes get overwhelmed with breakouts and stuff. Side effects, dry as fuck literaly dry.. no oil on my face.
  10. So I just got back from my derm which went fantastic, my doc and nurse looked at me with awe when they saw my face which brought a huge smile to my face. Anyways everything went well she dosed me up to 100 mgs which is perfect!! I wanna see how month 3 goes as everyone usually says thats when the most improvement starts so HIGH HOPES!!!!!! Everything has been going great, work is stressful but the fact that my face has been clearing up just makes me forget all the bullshit in my life. As far
  11. Rocketman27

    Day 54

    Holy shit, didn't think it was that extreme lol, will do.
  12. Rocketman27

    Day 54

    So...... its almost day 60 meaning I might get bumped up to 100 mgs which I am mentally preparing myself for hahaha. Anyways everything is all good, face feels so much more smoother and softer like that of a babys butt lol. Acnewise everything at this point is just healing up I haven't gotten any new actives besides a tiny one which isn't even worth mentioning. I need some advice however....one of my buddies from english class is inviting me to ride with him to Georgia for a weekend to atte
  13. Hello all, I think I'm in day 48 or 49 im not sure, oh well lol currently on a nice tip with mary haha, Anyways, WOW has my face started to clear up, its such a good feeling seeing progress. Accutane hasn't really been a bad experience like it sucks in the beginning stages cause you're so desperate to see progress but hold your head up for a bit and you're finally over the hump. My acne looks alot better just mid 2nd month. Side effect.. I mean sure you'll get chapped lips and shit but fuck that
  14. Lol same here brother, after the gym a joint during the night is good for the soul haha
  15. Rocketman27

    Day 45

    Hey guys Im back at it again here, super bummed I didnt get to experience ultra since I live in Mia & all because i cant get any sun and am pretty scared to take a molly while on this drug so I'd rather pass and wait till next year..... Acnewise everything is still healing up just very slow..... but i see extreme results already, I feel my confidence rising since my face started clearing. Playing flag football and having some of your boys tell you its clearing up after they saw me at my