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  1. Hello guys! Sorry I’ve been away I moved to Australia in March 2016 to try and get on with my life. How is everyone doing? If anyone would like to move forward with the UK lawsuit against accutane I feel like we should be in some Facebook group or chat? if anyone else has some suggestions please let me know. my email address is [removed] subject the email ACCUTANE please also I hope everyone is doing well. Don’t worry stay strong and hopeful and we will get wha
  2. Hello! yes had my bloods taken a week ago also had a fecal cal test everything was completely normal they told me. I'm waiting to get a colonoscopy now! Yes i I look at that thread a lot but it's a bit too cluttered. And no one really says what works or not. I've just bought vitamin e tablets and l tryptophan so I'll let everyone know how I get on with these. I'm also going to start taking my milk thistle and yarrow complex as well as flaxseed oil capsules a
  3. I took accutane when I was 18/19 from January 2014 - July 2014. My dosage was on 60 mg for 6 months. Ever since I finished here is some of the side effects I have suffered from: IBS and urgency SEVERE ANXIETY DEPRESSION DRY LIPS DRY SKIN DRY EYES BLURRY VISION DRY BRITTLE HAIR Thinning hair POOR SKIN HEALING I've had two round of CBT first round was for 6 weeks then the next round was for 16 weeks. I am so glad to say my depression and anxiety has definitely got easie
  4. i totally understand how you're feeling accutane has fucked me up. I've suffered from depression, anxiety, thinning hair, scarring, dry lips, SEVERE IBS the list goes on. Wish so badly I could go back in time and decide not to take it! The ironic thing is my acne isn't even better haha. Honestly this has totally ruined my life.
  5. I came off accutane in June 2014 and it's almost 2016. My face, hair and scalp are still soooo dry and my ibs is still terrible. Can anyone tell me if the oil can come back? It might sound stupid but I miss my glow and my thick hair I am so hopeful that I will be back to what I was one day!
  6. I came off accutane in June 2014 and it's almost 2016. My face, hair and scalp are still soooo dry and my ibs is still terrible. Can anyone tell me if the oil can come back? It might sound stupid but I miss my glow and my thick hair
  7. right well I changed my diet too, so explain to me how this hasn't worked for me? Please give me this miracle diet cure you are speaking of
  8. lol i get you but i didn't do this prior to accutane, So walk a mile in my shoes and when you've tried to do everything then you can judge me.I know what your trying to say but if you haven't experienced what im experiencing I dont really think you have the right to comment.
  9. okay great jack, try and round up people and get them in to this forum the more people the better. I'm not going to let one stupid piece of shit drug ruin my life. honestly i wish i had my oily, spotty skin back i'd take it any day over this shit. The bbc 3 documentary 'dying for clean skin' has the parents of a few of the young guys who unfortunately took roaccutane, i'm going to try and get in touch with them. Also it would be great if we could get into contact with a guy named stefan! I am
  10. Guys. Im looking for people to join me who feel strongly and passionately about the experience you have had with roaccutane. I was prescribed roaccutane on the NHS in Scotland in January 2014. I was on it for 6 months. Ever since I have finished. I've had depression, anxiety, dry thinning and brittle hair, constant dry lips, but the worst of all I have had severe severe IBS I literally couldn't work for 6 months because I go to the toilet about 15 times a day! Please guys. I really really want t
  11. thx a lot was very informative , you think my acne will scar? I try not to pick at it or Pop My pimples thax for the info , can you plz elaborate on how accutane ruined you life plz? And thx I've aged about 10 years in the past year, personally believe this is down to my body not producing any oils anymore. I'm so dry like a lizard. My horrible dry lips side effect never went away. My hair is so frizzy like straw (but when I was on accutane it started to grow crazy curly) so I can't use gel o
  12. dont go on accutane, it has ruined my life, and my skin is shit. just stop using products. Wash your face at night with warm water but dont ever rub the skin kind of just throw it over your face, and in the morning also in the shower just run water over your face. Also cut out dairy and alcohol/smoking for a while and you will notice a difference. guaranteed.
  13. thanks, Can i ask you when you were on accutane how many times, dosage etc? and did your oil production ever ramp up again. I know that everyone is different! just curious.
  14. ok thanks for all the replys! Today i bought a 1.5mm dermaroller and i quit tanning (although im quite tanned naturally) i want to give my skin the best possible chance of recovery, i feel that i didnt take care of my skin as well as i could have after accutane, but at the same time i dont think its too late to treat my skin with lots of care and i will never stop striving for smooth skin! wish me luck friends x