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  1. Really depends on the place. Would never pop them on my cheek, upper lip or neck since that always leaves a mess but other places are usually fine.
  2. I always get them on my shoulder back. They start off as a red spot that looks like an insect bite and swells up quickly. The head is never in the center but always at the side and when I pop it a small amount of pus comes out (I always expect much more due to the size) and then it takes like 3-4 days before the rest dissapears. How can such a small amount of pus cause such a reaction?
  3. Taking about 40 to 60mg a week (20-30 twice a week) and I notice it really prevents breakouts and I get no sides at all
  4. It's the only part of my body I get acne, skin there is also constantly sore
  5. Yesterday I popped a blackhead on my chest, no blood and I thought it was pretty clean extraction (did have to use a lot of pressure) next day only a swollen red dot is left but to my surprise I applied a little pressure to the area and liquid pus came out. Not from the blackhead itself but the swollen area around it. Could this also be white blood cells and not pus? don't think it is infected. Ran an insuline needle through the blackhead just now, to make sure I fully extracted it and only bloo
  6. Sides seem to be okay if you keep the dose between 20-40 a day, dont plan on going higher
  7. I thought by the age of 22 I would not have to deal with acne again. I was always pretty lucky and only got the occasional pimple in my face. My face is still pretty much clear but I have some pretty nasty acne on my upper back/shoulders. Seeing as I work out 6 times a week and watch my diet 24/7 this really bothers me. I've tried everything except roaccutane (nizoral,b5 megadose,zinc,antibiotics) until I was finally refered to a derm and he said it wasn't "bad" enough to get prescribed roaccuta