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  1. StroDark

    Very nice

    Very nice

    Evened out skin tone and texture Very smooth skin! Calms pimples+breakouts Can get into the eyes and blur your vision if you use a lot or if you put on your eyelids Just put a little, that's all. I usually apply it pure and undiluted directly to my face. Been using it for a few weeks. Doesn't break me out and doesn't clog pores like the Cetaphil moisturizer. My oily skin and very oily T-zone stopped being oily and now I look normal. My skin tone has evened out, I don't have to use bleaching crea
  2. Nice

    Moisturizes Protects from the Sun Evens out skin tone and texture Can make face look greasy I use it on my face during the day time when I go out. I make sure I wash my face thoroughly at the end of the day so it wont clog my pores.
  3. Strange

    Burns Smells weird Feels greasy This smells weird, and out of all sunscreens I've used, this one stings my face! It makes you face feel greasy. It's just an unpleasant experience.
  4. Keeps pimples at bay

    Keeps pimples away anti-inflammatory effect dry, flaky may make your skin sensitive Originally it was used for spot treatment until I went to another doctor who told me to put it all over my face. It makes you flake a lot! In the morning when I wake up, it looks like I put powder on my face. Good exfoliation, I suppose. Sometimes it make my skin sensitive. It's definitely worth a try.
  5. StroDark

    Not bad!

    Not bad!

    Moisturizes Makes skin look great may be a bit too heavy for some great for the winter I applied this on my face every morning. It's a great moisturizer, and makes my skin look great, healthy, and with a nice looking shine. Sometimes it can clog your face if you don't wash it at the end of the day before you go to bed. It evened out my skin texture. It's worth a try.
  6. Hmm...lets see

    Makes skin look flawless and has a nice sheen Don't need to spend much time in morning and night cleansing pores get clogged and build up somehow If your face is used to products, then I suggest you not do this as it will end up doing more harm than good. I tried not showering for a week (gross, I know), and at the final day, when I woke up, my skin looked very nice and airbrushed. When I washed it with some mild acids, I noticed after the wash that there were some nastiness brewing up under my