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  1. so i am finally on accutane and have been given a course of having 2 x 20mg tablets twice a day for a week then a 3 week break then repeating the cycle again. any1 else been given this course? is this normal? on the 3 weeks break do you think its safe to use 2.5% bp on my skin to keep the fight going? thanks ppl x
  2. been reading this post and it seems quite a good treatment. i'm going to buy it off ebay, whats the best one to use? i'm also used the cider vinegar onmy face. will this work with this?
  3. has anyone been to see a specialist and had any kind of treatment from them like lasers etc etc??? ur success?
  4. with vinegar being very acidic don't you need something to neutralise it? if people do do this what do they use and at what point in your routine do you use it? thanks
  5. well i am waiting for peoples opinions hence the post but i'm thinking along the lines of gylcolic acid peel
  6. well i am afraid 2 say my friend that i am out 2 prove you wrong then
  7. i av uni in 6 weeks and the trimethropin i've been takin has cleared the spots pretty mucvh completely but remarks r quite obvious IN YOUR PEOPLES OPINION WHAT IS THE BEST CREAM/TREATMENT TO GET RID OF REDMARKS? Thanks
  8. Is it any good? Did it help? how did it effect you etc etc Thanks
  9. Hi i have had acne since i was 15 (19 now) and have never found anythin which has made it significantly better. i feel i have tried nearly everythin and have already been on doxycycline which i found did nothing. i really want to see a derm and be put on roaccutane and end this hell, will the doctor just say 'yes' if u ask to see a derm so i can request roaccutane? Thanks all
  10. What is the best facewash? I have heard good reports about 'St. Ives' products, anyone with experience of it? I am based in England
  11. Just brought some zinc tablets. Do they help with red marks and scarring caused by acne? How much should i be taking a day to see real improvements? They are 15mg each and it says 1 a day but i have seen some people on these boards saying take 60-90mg a day for best results. For those who aren't so good at maths thats 4-6 times the reccommended daily dose on the box
  12. is this just a myth or a fact? i do have acne and do consume dairy products daily but find it hard to believe that the dairy products cause the acne
  13. does anyone take or know off any vitamins that are proven either by yourself, someone else or through research that help clear up acne or at least improve your complexion?
  14. how good are saunas at clearing up your skin? anyone with experience?