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  1. So I was dieting to loose weight. I still had my normal spots on the diet then when I went back to eating normally I didn't get one spot for over 2 weeks! Why might this be? Can i put my body into the same phase again without an extensive low carb period? Thanks!
  2. Is this true?? I have just been onto the amazon website and replicated my order of 4 x 16z treatment. the order i placed on this website totally $177.12 including shipping whereas on amazon it totaled $144.82! WHY OH WHY is the price on amazon cheaper than off here??? If the there is no import duty charged either then this must be amazing news for us long termers! seriously tho, WTF.
  3. my current spendings on DKR products are: on average: £85 worth of dans bp every 3.5 month delivery charges on each at around £20 customs charges 25 on pretty much every order. £25 on cleanser inc del twice a year a year i am spending: £300 on bp alone a year £70 on its delivery 85 on customs charges 50 on cleanser £507 a year!! with roughly £150 of it being spent without reason. why cant a bulk amount of products be shipped to the uk and posted off to people internally. it will even
  4. Hello there, i have been expeimenting with a handfull of suplements and different diets for the last year, what you have written here sounds very promising and i will be trying out of the recomendations over the upcoming months. i will post my findings after a month and thereafter. my results will be of the upmost clinicality, and hope they can be useful. Ryan
  5. what is the new warning then? please include the actual scource, thank you
  6. i have just read that you are using boots gentle face wash, i have just done an ingredients check and there are a few sodium based ingredients that are not suitable for an acne sufferer, i have been using this product, thort i would share, Ryan
  7. il post the ingredients up shortly, can someone check them over for me? brandy or someone? thanksXX
  8. its been 5 or 6 weeks now and showing no signs of setteling down, mayb the fact that i now use boots face cleanser instead of dans has made a difference? or that all the alcohol i had drank whilst working in ayia nappa had something to do with it??? confused after years of sucurity... some help much appreciated... X
  9. i left the the top unscrewed.. now my skin is breaking out... is this likely to be the cause.. is this bp now redundant? X
  10. im a university student, currently stressed right out!.. i had noticed over the last year i was suffering with more minor acne that before when i was drinking alcohol. therefore i did some research. milk thistle came up many times and had some brillaint benifits for those who like a drink! ive not had a hangover since!... send me a pm if you want anymore info X
  11. Hello, ive Been using the regiem for about 2 years.. I started on the regiem when i was on monocycline, resulted in perfect skin. but really dry and bad evening flushes from the drugs. i came off the monocycline, gradually solved the flushes over a year period! stil not perfect ( drugs are so bad!) anyways!!!... now skin isnt 100% spot free but my face sits right and i dont have to worry about getting a full on red hot flush... biological washing powders! mess my skin up!!! MUM FOR FUCK SAK
  12. Thanks for all the replies, not exactly what i expected to hear, but its kinda eye opening to the fact that maybe i am worrying too much... very fortunately i think in 10 years of mild / servere acne ( at times cystic) to get away with the very mild scaring ( or unsmoothness- as some people say) and i do think myself lucky.. But yes what i do have does deeply bother me, When i started using the regime from this site i have just been on a complete mission for a few years to get things back o