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  1. Hi all, my face has become red after applying most of the moisturizer. Do you all know why?What type of moisturizer should I buy?
  2. What is made of blotting sheets? I have just bought Clean and Clear films and felt it is quite costly.
  3. Dear Acne Professionals, my face is always very oily at work after I have started working for a few hours and this causes me to break out. I put Garnier moisturizer or Clean and Clear moisturizer on my face and then apply Garnier sunscreen lotion to my face everyday. I heard Clean and Clear film could remove the oil. However, I am wondering if Clean and Clear film will remove my sunscreen lotion too, please advise, many thanks in advance.
  4. Josh, Does it work?
  5. Hi acne friends, is it safe to buy Retin A online? It looks good.
  6. David, I have taken doxycycline for two weeks plus.I wasted my money.It is completely useless.Tetracycline is much better than doxycycline.
  7. I went back to see him, I was told me that it was normal and I must be patient. The doctor also sold me Clindoxyl gel to apply daily. Perhaps I am older and so the antibiotic is not so effective. Did your acne recur after the treatment?
  8. Hi all, I went to consult a doctor on 13-2-14. He prescribed me doxycycline. Sadly, I have broken up for one weeks plus after taking it. May I ask if I should continue taking it or go to consult a doctor again?
  9. Hi all,my face has become very red since I took doxycycline capsules 5 days ago. May I ask if I should go to see a doctor or continue taking them?
  10. Bumpy,how many capsule are you taking daily?
  11. Hi Bumpy,how is your face?My face still has had small pimples.Currently it is quite oily.
  12. Hi Bumpy, My face has become very dry recently.How about yours?
  13. Hi Bumpy, Thanks for your information.
  14. Thanks for your advice.The antibiotics are so scary.
  15. Hi Bumpy, Has your face been completely clear for two months?