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  1. My skin was bumpy a few months back so my doc prescribed me .025% Retin-A gel which cleared me skin pretty well. I stopped using it for a couple months and now I can see that my skin is starting to get bumpy again so now my doc prescribed me Tretinoin Cream which is 0.1%. I don't know the difference between gel and cream. I'm looking at the label: Retin-A Gel: Tretinoin .025% Tretinoin: Tretinoin .01%
  2. Why don't you packback Europe? A friend of mine was in a similar situation as you. He left home at the age of 18, spent 4 years abroad different countries; Russia, eatern Europe, Israel, etc. He worked here and there to support himself. Now he's 23 and going back to school to study law. Although he's behind in studies among other college students, he really stands out as being wellspoken and welltravelled. Not to mention he picked up several languages. Take advantage of your US passport while it
  3. Well, I used a product from Israel, it has dead sea minerals...it helped a lot..but then it was finished and I just left it alone for about 2 months.....by the time it was itme for the new bottle to arrive, my skin was clear and has been ever since Are you Jewish? I don't ever see Jews with acne. None of my Jewish friends have acne. Sometimes I think it's their kosher diet.
  4. Antidepressants are good short term but bad long term. Since you can't take antidepressants forever, once you get off of it, you will have serious withdrawal issues and you're usually worse than before you had taken the drugs.
  5. Quoted for truth. Best advice on org for a while yet.
  6. Unfortunately, there aren't many females in the engineering field. I think most people your age are either going to school or just partying. My friend is also an engineer. He just turned 24, bought a new Benz and he's lonely as fuck. http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/ Check out the community section. Join a club and learn something new. I was in a writer's club briefly last year and they really helped me with some of my English papers.
  7. When you're in class, you shouldn't be talking to the person next to you. I suppose it's a small class and if he can make out what you're talking about, it's probably disruptive. I've never heard of any teachers like this, especially college level. If that kind of shit was happening in my school, several suits would be filed against the school.
  8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inferiority_complex
  9. My government professor said lying is developing your executive profile. He got his PhD from Harvard.
  10. yes... i like being a girl better than being a guy.yes we are the T on the end of GLBT.my skin definitely like's being female! :D here is a pic of me. You're hot. :wub:
  11. If chemical meds isn't your thing. Look into homeopathic medicines. Acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga groups, mushrooms, etc. Occupy yourself with productive hobbies like gardening. My shrink said growing plants is a wonderful healing experience because you have something to wake up to everyday and see the growth of your labour. If you have a backyard, I would consider going to Home Depot, OSH, etc and have them teach you about gardening. Surround yourself with positive people which means awa
  12. I'd see a shrink and get some antidepressants. You sound mentally ill.