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    i love to play softball, be with my friends, work and live life to the fullest.
  1. Well today was my first day back in two weeks in school.... And it wasn't fun.... Almost everyone came up and asked if I was okay. And it looks like I have worst welt looking things all over my face.....
  2. Well i have been fighting acne problems since i was 10. i had it really bad last year and we tried just about everything under the sun from proative to some stuff i cant even say.. so they put me on accutane and well about a month in my acne got way worst than what it was soppost to. so i finished off with 8 months of it and thoose 8 months i wouldnt go in to public besides school well this summer my acne got way worst... its not this real fine stuff like it was before. its like all these black
  3. Like when I was one accutane I played softball and I catch so I like was sweating all the time could that of have made it worst?