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  1. Hey! I have the same problem with a shiny nose. Try using all oil-free products and don't touch it. Try getting some oil-absorbing sheets from CVS and if you absolutely need to wipe the oil off your nose, use one of those to effectively clean it and to keep the bacteria off. Go VOLS!- Steph

  2. gross...that kinda made me gag a little...lol...i use 10% BP already...which was helping alittle but not it's worse...
  3. I'm tired of my oily nose (especially when people tell me that my nose is sweating) Any good OTC medicine out there i can use? Also i think i have blackheads. When i squeeze my nose little white noodle looking things come out...i hear salicylic acid is good...any recommendations?
  4. only thing i found was that Paula's Choice BHAs...and there is nothing out there i can just pick up off the shelf at my wal-mart/target?
  5. I've had a oily nose with blackheads for awhile now (kinda gets embarrassing when someone says 'Your nose is sweating'). Which when i hear that, I just wipe the oil off with my hands or my shirt (it's a no-no i know...), and so the other day (Tues. 26th) i took a shower and thought maybe i should just scrub with a wash cloth with purpose soap in the mix..i did that, but i think i did it WAAAY too much. Now my nose feels like i have a sunburn and my blackheads are rising to the top (not all of th
  6. well i've been on this for about 2 weeks or so...and my face is looking awful. i dont know to stop this or keep using it...
  7. Well i've been using this regimen for about 2 weeks. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=11566 I have more acne as usual now, but i think its only because I was only using the blackhead scrub for a week just to see if i can live without BP...but i guess I was wrong...so now i'm currently using both products posted on that thread above...
  8. what do you mean a SA in a ph balanced formula? Do i go buy that somewhere or what?
  9. so. the way my skin looks, i would be fine with using just a washcloth and some soap? Because i've started using this regimen: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=11566 i havent seen much results, just some white heads or pimples coming to the top on my cheek. What are the little dots on my cheeks? If they're blackheads wouldnt the C&C Scrub help alot? it seems like thats whats causing my acne. I'm about to go nuts, there are so many things to try out there, i need r
  10. would this regimen be recommended for me? http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=101566
  11. is purpose soap bar still great to use? or should i give something else a shot? I also seen that SA isnt good to use for me? I have some C&C scrub, I was gonna try...
  12. thanks for all the comments. you all made me feel much better about myself after reading this.
  13. I've been using Dans regimen for awhile now, and still getting bumps or i guess zits. I've been kinda switching up from the Neutragena OTS to Dans gel, i think my forehead does better with the OTS. But anyways, I was wondering what you guys can recommend for my small acne or bumps.. here are some picks, oh yea, i picked up some stuff from the AcneFree line, its called the Acne & Blackhead Terminator, i'd figure i'd get it a shot. The active ingredients are: 1.5% Salicylic Acid, and 1.0%
  14. just an update. I've been using the gel for 3 days, and my skin is feeling great. It's just i still have light acne, and some acne is starting to come up at my lower lip WHICH IS THE WORST! hopefully they all will be history in a couple of weeks. Also sometimes it seems like it takes forever to rub it all in. But i just rub in enough and then it finally dries up on my face.
  15. I ordered your gel yesterday so i'll give that a shot. When i put on my Cetaphil lotion, and rub it in just a little bit, the on-the-spot seems to clump up, this gel wouldn't do that right?