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  1. Thanks for your feedback guys And at melie87 i haven't yet gotten to 40mg im not ready but i see your point maybe next month i will bump it up but at the meantime im concerned about my well being and liver:/ im depressed because i had a sigh that shows a side effect for bad liver.not something i wanna add on the internet but lets just say its not a good sigh although my derm says im ok and she feels its not due to accutane Now i wanna quit because i fear for my health
  2. Yes my face is clear she wants to up dose me to 40mg i don't know why she would want to do such a thing if I'm clearing wonderfully and doing well on 20mg?
  3. Yes i take 2 pills of milk thistle although bottle recommends 4 a day i only do two and i heard zinc is good as well but i haven't tried it yet.also do a probiotic pill just in case cause it wont do no harm I'm going to my second month of accutane all is well so far i drink plenty of water throughout the day and moisturize with lotion and oil:) good luck moneyball
  4. Thats great moneyball29 What month are u on? My lips are dry but not cracking just yet,i do however get dry eye and use lubricant for that it helps and im also taking milk thistle i gotta remember to inform my dermatologist about that but anyways im going to my second month:) skin looks good just a bit dry i use baby oil on body and tea tree and face lotion cethaphil on face
  5. Thank you for your replies:) And justin did you have brain fog before accutane.curious? I mean im not having side effects but my concern is if i up dose wht if it happens im tempted but my skin is pretty clear now ugh! Dont know?
  6. So im on a low dose accutane 20mg and doing very well but dermatologist wants to updose me to 40mg? Any takes/comments on this would be greatly appreciate it, and by the way my face is looking fabulous:) cant wait to be done im 1 month in.
  7. Thank you I feel fine I do tend to get minor headaches backache and today I have a nose pimple:/ but my boyfriend said I could still be detoxing I'm a lil over 2 weeks now but I'm almost clear.im happy hope everything goes well on my visit.
  8. Thanks!! and I will although my face is already clearing after just 2 weeks my boyfriend said my face was really clear now.no side effects now just still gurgling stomach, I had mild acne but some annoying scarring left:( pigmentation left but dry lips and skin I drink water like every min:( so far so good:)
  9. No matter the skin type you have you have to moisturize your skin your gonna have to find something to moisturize with wash your face as you said twice a day if your really oily I would say wash twice with your face wash if not then use water only morning night face wash moisturize dayli sunscreen non comedogenic SPF 15 or higher Birth control really help out my face acne I no longer break out on my face but I'm currently on accutane 20mg for my back and its no fun:(
  10. I just started 20 mg like 4 days ago I feel perfectly fine except for the fact my stomach gurgles and that's causing some concern plus a lil annoying headache today as well.are these common side effects i am calling my dermatologist later today I hope I'm ok just need feedback of someone who experienced this thanks
  11. Yes I have indentations but its mainly surfaced.and I hear you on the fraxel restore but I'm looking for good results so I figure to go deeper I hope it turns for the best.I'm starting to dout and feel depressed about the not good result laser:( ugh my hopes crushed. I really appreciate the advice thanks:)
  12. Yes I wish I knew my scarring type anyways good thing is it is mainly surfaced but stubborn I don't want restore I want the hard core repair in hope for better results :/ ouch ugh idk I'm kinda not gonna look foward to that type on pain So are you not happy with your improvement tadamasa?
  13. Oh ima get this prescription as I needed something for my back:( my face cleared and now my back is left due to constantly messing with my skin picking at it and producing bacteria in my skin:/ horrible disease one can get from skin problems good news is that its not that bad but I do have red marks I hope that fades:/
  14. Oh that's just hyperpigmentation real scars and indented and texture looks uneven try to use salicidic acid 2% one to two times a week good luck!
  15. Thanks! But I do have some scarring :/ brown red spots plus uneven texture.well maybe not as deep but its there:( and it bothers me much.i once though the chemical peels I've done before would completely remove it and it didn't and to think my skin wasn't that bad you would think it would completely go away so there goes my money down the drain I'm just hoping fraxel is different I just wanna be able to not have to always reach for my foundation I wanna be able to just run out without my makeup