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  1. Okay, do you think I should try a dermapen type treatment also or not yet? I was hoping for no more acne scars
  2. Hi all, can you guys advise me, is this hyperpigmentation or Scars? Got this from a hard spot that lasted a few months...
  3. Im derma rolling aswell as the laser treatment. It used to be a lot better but got worse from the damn injection! Hopefully it will get better in time.. I hate how much time all the improvements take! It seems a lifetime
  4. I've had subscision twice and now undergoing Total fx. Which ones do you think are tethered? I know the one nearest mouth is down. This is due to a steroid injection Do you think this is particularly bad?
  5. Hi Can anyone tell me whether they think these scars are still tethered or not?
  6. He injected it with steroid as said it was a cyst.. Its now gone down overnight and sunk in, should this improve in time?
  7. 5 weeks after a filler injected directly into this area i have been left with a lump like this..i have had this for about 3 weeks now and it hasn't changed atall. I am going back to the Dr tomorrow and he says he may or may not treat this depending how it feels? To me this is definately not a spot and is itching a lot. I am scared of further scarring and not really sure what to do? Can anyone help atall?
  8. Hi Ben and leading force! Yes filler hasn't changed still unhappy.. Doctor with Dr Chu that did filler wasnt helpful so am going elsewhere as they wouldn't do subscision and fillers together.. So decided to book in at PHI Clinic instead Thanks for the compliment btw. I am getting very sick of the good day/bad day feeling though.. Some days i dont care others i feel like breaking down . Its been 7 months now since I started treatment i was expecting to be happy by now, fool be me!
  9. I had subscision and TCA cross about 5 weeks ago followed by Filler 2 weeks ago which i dont feel worked, it all just went on to the middle of the area rather than pushing out the actual area. I was pretty dissapointed with that given the cost although it wasn't done immediately after subscision which is what I wanted.. So it probably gave the tethering too much time. Why doesn't it give up and stop rebuilding stupid tethered areas!!!
  10. Hi blah Week down the line and its safe to say the filler didnt work:( My question is do i just give up now? This scars are being so stubborn with fillers and previously subscision! This is what it looks like now.. Still bruised but you can see at the bottom where it still indents
  11. Blah can this be corrected? I am worried
  12. Had Filler Juvederm on Friday on a scar i had subscision on the prior Wednesday.. Unsprisingly i now have the donut effect.. Is this because too long was waited after the subscision? I dont know what to do? Should i return to the doctor? I asked him to check tethering first to avoid this but felt i was totally ignored. Not happy.. Advice please all.
  13. Hi all. Had Subscision last week and Detmapen. Got fillers on friday.. Question to you all firstly do you think he should fill the cheek area or just scar around mouth? And any suggestion on type of filler? What do you guys think? Still bruised as you can see All replies welcome please
  14. No you are correct scarring is only by mouth and middle of cheek. I have had an outrageous breakout! Seems odd.. But is going down now! Is the bruising a good thing?