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  1. umm... just regular red bumpy whitehead acne, no cysts or papules or anything. some of em arent even inflamed yet and are just bumps.
  2. hello everyone. i havent had any acne on my face for a while, and its great. however, i have longer hair now and it rests on my forehead. i think it is irritating my skin and is causing me to breakout on my forehead. i cant see it, its just annoying and i wanna stop it before it gets worse. i cant use bp, cause it bleaches hair, and i dont want highlighted hair. any suggestions?
  3. Hey everyone... I havent posted anything in a looong time, but I guess thats a good thing cause I haven't had any acne . However, I do have red marks where I used to have acne, and I am curious as to how long it takes for the red marks to fade. I went to my derm. and he prescribed tazorac for it. I have been using it for about 2 weeks and see little difference. How long should it take for the red marks to go away?
  4. Ive been to two dermatologists, and had one badddd experience. The first derm. i went to was not very good, she prescribed me very weak acne medication and didnt even seem to look at my acne closely. I switched derms. and I have a great one now. He is amazing and gave me medications that made me clear for the first time in three years! I would say, take your chances. There are prob. more good derms. than bad ones, and clear skin is definatley worth the risk.
  5. in the morning i eat breakfast while waiting, time goes by quickly.
  6. i don't want to disappoint you, but if you need accutane, your acne may not be helped very much by the regimen. the regimen is only designed for mild/mod. acne.
  7. dans regimen in combination with antibiotics got me clear.
  8. shaving used to break me out all the time...until i bought the razor dan recommends. change the blade every 3 shaves or so. use light but confiident strokes and wash before and after lightly. i use neutrogena for men shave gel (non-comedogenic). it works.
  9. hey i added a lot more BP than usual on the actual blemishes and they are okay after a day, hopefully it will be gone in one day.
  10. i have 4 active spots from this breakout, is it possible to be cleared up in 2 days?
  11. i havent had a breakout in weeks until the one today, and i am pissed. nothing really seems to work for me when it comes to relieving the large red spots, and i need to get clear in 2 days for school pictures. any advice? this is the worst possible time to breakout
  12. some people expect instant gratification with thier acne treatments. everyone who has had success with the regimen knows that it didn't work overnight, so dont quit. perseverence will pay off in the end.
  13. sounds like an early cyst. if you get one of those again, DO NOT pop it. even if you see a head, popping will only make the situation worse. you can use ice for the swelling and maybe put a little extra BP on it. cysts are a pain.
  14. if it aint broke, dont fix it. if the regimen is working, why change?
  15. im with you on this one superfly i hadda do the same thing when i went camping. heres what u can do... you can shower real quick and get out but leave the shower running while you do your regimen. you can get stuff done in 15 and it just seems like you took a long shower. your friends wont mess around with you when your in the shower. gud luck.
  16. i went to my derm. and he prescribed retin-a micro to help the red marks from past acne and i switched brands of BP. i think it was just dumb luck that i found something that worked. feels good, huh?
  17. after struggling with acne for an eternity, i finally have it under control. my acne was never severe, but bad enough for me to become really self conscious. after three months of concentrated effort on the regimen, my skin was okay, but i was still getting new spots every day. i went to my derm. and changed some of the products i used, and my skin is 90% clear after 2 months. i went from having one or two new spots a day to having one spot every week or two. i still have some red mark
  18. does anyone else see a pimple or group of them like a week before they come to a head? ive tried just about everything to try and get it to go back down but NOTHING works. some people say to put BP on it, but that just brings it to a head, others say spot treat with AHA, that doesn't do much at all... it sucks to know that in a few days youre gunna have a large red spot(s) on your cheek and theres nothing you can do about it. if anyone has a method that works, feel free to post it.
  19. im going to the beach in a few weeks and i want to clarify the use of BP in the sun... i still apply BP as normal (i only use once a day). but i MUST put sunscreen on top and keep re-applying sunscreen a few times throughout the day. is this correct?
  20. the reason people become immune is because they are inconsistant with taking it or are not following instructions correctly. i know many people who have taken antibiotics for YEARS without any problems. your body doesn't become immune for no reason.
  21. i play basketball almost every day as well and i have a question about the BP when you sweat. lets say i apply BP at 10am and get sweaty a couple hours later...would all of the BP be released in my sweat? is it necessary to re-apply BP afterwards? what should i apply (if anything) after i get sweaty? knowing what to do would help me alot.
  22. the redness took a couple weeks, but the pain stopped in a few days... hang in there...your skin WILL inprove on the regimen if it is done correctly
  23. wow, danny89. nice response...you obviously know what youre talking about. i think i misunderstood the point made by others. i agree that diet is a great way to help prevent acne, but a change in diet is probably not the most effective way to treat existing acne.