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  1. So I'm back home after midterm week. Surprisingly I didn't break out from stress, which is what I usually do. The reason why I started accutane was because of a ridiculously cystic breakout after finals week. When I went to see my dermatologist, she was surprised that my skin was doing so well. SHE EVEN TOLD ME TO TAKE MY 40mg OF ACCUTANE =EVERY OTHER DAY= I've just started my third month, and she's already telling me to lower the dosage. I guess this is as good as it gets. Like I
  2. The rashes on the back of my hands flare up once it gets cold enough. I've gotten into the habit of applying vaseline before I sleep, and it's been helping a lot. It's already Day 45, and I apologize for not updating. There has been a few pustules coming and going along the sides of my face, near my hair line and a few tiny ones on my chin. Nothing else other than that. I find it amazing that I don't need to wear makeup, or my regular amount of concealer. My face is still slightly more red than
  3. Day 31 A few days ago, I noticed small bumpy rashes appearing on my backhand! My hands were unusually dry, so I applied some simple hand cream. It wasn't enough. I also had what looked like over 5 painful papercuts on both hands. After suffering until yesterday, I suddenly received a revelation that it might be a side effect from Accutane! I was right. I googled it and quickly slathered on Vaseline over my hands to sit overnight. The next day, the rashes subsided considerably. My initial b
  4. It has! I noticed early on that weird dark gunk has been coming out of all my clogged pores on my nose. They weren't black heads, but clogged pores. Accutane seems to be clearing up my pores and making my skin a lot more supple
  5. I'm currently on my 27th day of Accutane! ~Woooh go me!~ I was planning to start my accutane journal on day one, but didn't think too much about it. Now that I'm almost done with my first month, I've been feeling the increasing importance of keeping track of my skin. The first time I decided to get on Accutane was during November of 2013. Finals week was quickly approaching and I still had my last exams to study for. I'm in college and I suck at cooking, so my diet hasn't been very health